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  1. It is with great sadness that we have to report the death yesterday morning (19 Nov) of former WO2 Ronald John (Maxi) MacDonald.
    Maxi passed away in Raigmore Hospital as a result of heart related problems.
    Maxi joined the Royal Scots from The Cameronians in 1969 and served in a number of appointments including as Drum Major and as a Coy Sergeant Major.
    The funeral will be a small private family affair due to Covid restrictions.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with Jenny and her family at this sad time.
    RIP Maxi.

    1. Another sad passing!
      The last time I saw Maxi was at a reunion I believe in Musselburgh
      when General Mark was GoC Scotland.
      I had previously just left the Stafford’s as a Wo2 and was a bit nervous after
      all those years but I saw Col John Sands at a table with his wife and also
      Maxie with his wife and approached the Colonel ref an ex QM in the
      Staffords who played golf with him,I introduced myself to Maxie and he smiled and said pull up a chair and we talked about the Regt.
      I will never forgot the kindness on that night and had a nice relaxing evening.
      I also remember when Maxie joined the Bn!
      My thoughts are with the family!
      From the Southern Branch
      Alex Moore


    My sincere condolences to Margaret and family on their sad loss. Nobby, as I knew him, was a true gentleman and a very proud Royal Scot. I had the pleasure of serving with him in C Company in Tidworth and in D Coy in Cyprus when he was CQMS and I was Coy Clerk. The smartest Royal Scot I ever knew… turnout was always immaculate! In recent years I had the pleasure of Nobby’s company on many occasions as we were both Members of the Glenbeanie Gang. In Cyprus I recall D Coy won the “Chain of Command” race at the Battalion Swimming Gala… the 4 man team…. Maj John Dent (Coy Comd), WO2 Jim Scoular (CSM), CSgt Nobby Clarke (CQMS) and myself as Coy Clerk……. still have my medal!…. great memories… proud to have known Nobby and his wife Margaret. RIP Nobby … sadly missed. Bill Sutherland

    1. So sad to hear of the passing of Nobby Clark, he was my platoon sergeant in Tidworth and was always the smartest turned out soldier I had ever seen! My prayers and condolences to his family.

      RIP “Nobby”.

    2. Sorry to hear about Nobby! and the late reply ref his passing.
      I remember him in Osnabruck and Tidworth and how smart he was.
      A real nice bloke and glad to have served with him.
      Deepest Sympathy to the family.
      On behalf of the Southern Branch
      Alex Moore

  3. Condolences to the family of James M Clarke ex WO11 Father of Dean ex C Company (Deceased). Jim, it was a pleasure to know you throughout my service and I enjoyed our Glenbeanie monthly get-togethers. May you RIP. my friend.

  4. Changes to the website.

    We are starting to make some changes, we have for example changed what information you send to us and made it more secure. we are also now working to make the site more user friendly this will happen over the next month.

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  5. Annual Report – Support for the Veterans and Armed Forces Community 2020

    I have been asked to pass on the link shown below for the Veterans Minister’s annual report, ‘Scottish Government Support for the Veterans and Armed Forces Community 2020’

    You can read the full report here:

    Scottish Government Veterans Minister Graeme Day annual update to Scottish Parliament

    The Veterans Minister Graeme Day will give his update to Scottish Parliament on improving the support for our Veterans and Armed Forces community, an aspect that is key to Firm Base delivery.
    It is at 1620 on Tuesday 17 November, and can be watched on the on the Parliament’s live TV channel on


    David Cowin
    Communications & Office Support Co-ordinator

    Veterans Scotland
    New Haig House, Logie Green Road, Edinburgh, EH7 4HQ

  6. It is with great sadness that we report the death yesterday morning (16 Nov) of James M (Nobby) Clarke age 83.
    Nobby served a full career with the regiment and retired as a Colour Sergeant.
    When I joined the Bn in Tidworth in 1965 Nobby was a Cpl in D Coy and his secondry nick name was “Starchy”. This was testment to the immaculate manner in which he was always turned out. He was a great example to all of us.
    I dont have funeral details at the moment but will post them when known.
    My condolances go to Margeret and her family at this very sad time.
    RIP Nobby.

    1. Condolences to Margaret and the family and The Regimental Family at this sad time. Nobby was an inspiration to many Association Members. Proud to have served with his son Dean “Deano” in CCoy Werl.
      R.I.P. Nobby Jim Clarke until The Grandiozo Re-org.

      Stu Colquhoun69

    2. The funeral of James (Nobby) Clarke will take place at Masonhill Crematorium, Ayr at 1100 hrs on Weds 25th November.
      Due to the current restrictions on numbers attending it will be family and invited friends only.

    3. Sorry to hear about Nobby Clarke, another good Royal leaves us. Seems to have been a lot this year. R.I.P. to Nobby, and the family will be in my thoughts.
      Andy Kay

  7. Andy Hughes daughter Laura ask me to post this on the Guestbook on behalf of her Dad.

    Hi this is Andy’s daughter, my dad wanted to let you know what’s been up with him as he has received so many messages and is unable to answer them all so thought this was the easiest way.

    My dad was diagnosed with esophageal cancer a while back and he has received chemotherapy and had to get a big operation a month ago to remove a tumour.

    The operation did not go as smoothly as what it should and my dad was faced with a few more hurdles. He spent a while In the ICU ward however I’m pleased to say he got out a few days ago and is now in a ward.

    He still has a long journey to go and he would love to answer all the messages but he is just too weak and tired to do so. He is a tough cookie and will fight all the way.

    He also asked me to say thank you to all that has sent him their best wishes, it is very much appreciated to both him and the family.

    Laura Scott.


    The Shine On event at Rosebank will involve searchlights illuminating the sky, in the area of the Gretna memorial. There will also be some low-level lighting on a number of headstones. The lights will be switched on at 7 pm, and be on for around an hour.

    Brigadier Robin Lindsay and his wife will attend, and we expect that they will switch on the lights. There is to be live Facebook coverage as well.

    There will be no public access to the cemetery but if you look in the direction of Rosebank you will see the lights.

    Patricia Keppie Public Engagement Coordinator Scotland (NandE)
    Commonwealth War Graves Commission 2 Marlow Road , Maidenhead , Berkshire , SL6 7DX , United Kingdom | Website:


    Reading of a 5 year old girl member of our Regimental Family at her primary school being asked by her teacher to explain why she wants to wear a poppy during Remembrance Week explaining to her classmates that it was to remember the brave soldiers who had died in wars has inspired me to write this.

    The ongoing unprecedented battle against COVID-19 has had a major impact on how Remembrance and Armistice Day can be commemorated.

    102 years ago tomorrow, 11th November, the guns fell silent at the end of World War 1; but as we know so well Royal Scots fought on in Russia, only returning home in June 1919.

    At this time of reflection on the ultimate sacrifices made by so many a reminder of the Team RS373 initiatives to virtualise our fine Regiment’s unique heritage:

    World War 1 Roll of Honour

    World War 2 Roll of Honour

    Scottish Soldiers World War 2 Regimental Memories Film

    Scottish Soldiers 1945 to 2006 Regimental Memories Film

    And of course, much more detail is available in the History Section of our website.

    Finally, here is a clip about a Remembrance initiative by a school in our Regimental area:

    Lest We Forget!
    Nemo Me Impune Lacessit

    Martin Gibson,

    Lead Team RS373

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