This section of the Regimental Web Site divides into two parts which, although separate, are closely linked in much of their content.

1.The Museum - This tells you how to find us in Edinburgh Castle then takes you on a short video tour through the Museum. There follows a set of twelve slide shows, each one covering a particular period in our History, providing a comprehensive audio-visual tour through the Museum. Individual slide shows can be entered and left at any point that a visitor wishes and the inclusion of the audio is optional. Whilst primarily aimed at those unable to physically visit the Museum for whatever reason, we hope they might both serve to whet a visitor's appetite before they visit or provide a further experience for those who wish to follow-up on a visit.

2. Heritage - This covers, in considerable detail, the 373 years of our Regimental History, supported by a number essays, in particular on the two World Wars and post-1945. Central to the coverage of those two periods are the Rolls of Honour listing all those from the Regiment who were killed on active service or died in operational theatres from 1914-2010, accessed through the Museums & Heritage index; and two films where veterans of World War 2 and post-1945, and their families, talk of their experiences and memories. These films can be accessed direct through the 'Soldiers' Stories' to the right. Those seeking information on some less obvious area of our Regiment's story should visit the 'Further Reading' section where, amongst other subjects, they will find articles covering The Colours and Battle Honours; Awards of VCs and the GC; Regimental Monuments and Memorials across the World; Regimental Silver, the Regimental Church and Regimental Music.

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