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  1. It is with great sadness that I must report the death today Monday 20th Sept, of James Galloway. James passed away in his sleep last night. Funeral arrangements will be posted when known.

  2. I have recently found out that my great great grandfather William Anderson was in the Royal Scots was there on 19th and 26 December 1914 and received gallantry medals also one for 23 July 1917 two days into the Somme, if love more information if possible his service no was 7033 and was Lance corporal was his rank

  3. Sir I would like to complain about the memorial at the national memorial arboretum. This was supposed to be a special occasion for ex royal scots on October 3rd . I’m afraid to inform you that this has been spoiled for all concerned as someone from the old and bold has published a photo of it on Facebook which will probably mean less of a turn out on the opening day. Sorry about the news.

    1. James I am looking into this and hope to have an answer soon, tried to send you an email but was bounced back to me can you tell me on who’s page did you see this.

      Jim A

      1. I posted it on my FB a few days ago….it was on my timeline…. it could not be shared so, as normal, something that I like it was shared to file and re-posted on my news feed.

        Someone involved in this project … NOT ME, must have had access to this pic and released it to the public via the web… when I copied it, I had no idea what it was for or who had created it…….

        If it has upset someone…not my fault…. someone needs there ass kicked. The first I knew it was for Arboretum was when James Valentine mentioned this fact.

        Bill Sutherland

    2. James, while I appreciate your comment I think you may be looking at this in the wrong way, so please don’t take my comments as a dig in any way.

      This is in reality a Dedication of the Memorial Stone which is a Memorial to all Royals who have served as such. “Unveiling” therefore may not be quite the way to look at it but this will indeed be a particularly special day both for those who can make to the NMA and also to those of us, wherever in the world we are, who can’t; but will lift a glass to the occasion.

      Posting the photograph will be a benefit to all those not able to actually be present and I don’t think anyone should be castigated for posting the picture.

      Please don’t let this spoil a tremendous occasion and a day when so many Royals can get together, especially after the restrictions of the past two years. Enjoy your day, and I hope you will be able to post a positive comment once the event has been held.

      Best wishes

      Andy Kay

  4. So sorry to hear my favorite sergeant major has passed, there were some great wo’s but big Tam was brilliant. RIP TAM

  5. The funeral of Ian ( DOC ) Halliday will take place at Graigmiller castle park cemetery on the 21st of September at 10.30am.
    Not been given a venue for his wake as yet but will let you know once that is announced. Lest we forget.

  6. We were so sad to hear that Tam Hindle has passed away. He was the backbone of the Antitank Platoon during my time in the Royals. He will be greatly missed and our condolences go out to Jean and the rest of his family. Rip Tam. Best wishes from Murdo ( Charlie) and Helen Morrison

  7. So saddened by the news of Ruby Watson’s passing.Former police woman and always remember those ruby red velvet slippers for comfort.Many years ago when in The Lizzy Bryce Livingston Karaoke when George and Ruby joined our Company and The slippers were on.R.I.P. Ruby.Condolences to Br George Watson and family,friends as too Regimental Family too..

  8. I am truly saddened to learn of the passing of somebody that I truly looked up to… Tam Hindle. Tam was an exceptional soldier, a great boss in the Anti/Tank, and well respected by all of his lads.. I would like to offer my sincere condolences to Jean, and the family, and may Tam Rest in Peace.

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