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    Tuesday 30th November 2021

    Given the details of Future Soldier that are now known the Gathering has very significant poignancy in The Royal Scots overall unique heritage.

    WE can be proud that The Royal Regiment of Scotland (SCOTS) will carry forward The Royal Scots Royal title, continue to be Right of the Line and have the motto Nemo Me Impune Lacessit.

    Further details of the Gathering are:
    Dress: jacket and tie or equivalent, no medals
    1745 Zoom joining available (link will be circulated on evening of 29th to all who have said they wish to join the Gathering virtually)
    1800 Gather at the bar and the lounge area in The Royal Scots Club. A piper will be playing Regimental tunes
    1815 Brief, relatively informal Reflection at the RS Memorial in the Club; the piper will play through the lounge area and into the hall, close to the Memorial. Bob Bruce (last commanding officer of 1RS, and first commanding officer of 1SCOTS will say a few words. This will be both Zoomed live, and captured on film as a record of this milestone in our Regiment’s story
    1845 Toasts, proposed in the lounge area, which again will be Zoomed live and recorded
    1900 Haggis, neeps and tatties supper provided in the Library area
    2000 Gathering finishes
    Informal photographs will capture the atmosphere, and be shared on internal communication channels including the RS website.

    Coverage of the Gathering will be captured on a 5minute film, which will be shared on internal communication channels including the RS website. This will be added to Team RS373’s overall virtual story of The Royal Scots.

    Team RS373 very much looks forward to the Gathering which is intended to bring those who served Sovereign and Country as Royal Scots, and their families, together to exchange memories and to wish all the best to and strongly support The Royal Regiment of Scotland as it moves forward.

    Please do let us: and know as soon as is possible if you are able to attend, either in person or virtually. We do need to let the Club, our rallying point, who are being extremely supportive of the Gathering, know numbers.
    Team RS373 27th November 2021


    An Informal St Andrew’s Day Gathering for The Royal Scots Regimental Family

    At short notice Team RS373 has organised an informal Gathering for the Regimental Family at our rallying point, The Royal Scots Club, on Tuesday 30th November, St Andrew’s Day, from 6pm to 8pm.
    The Gathering will be centred on the Main Bar area, with the opportunity to mix in adjoining areas. Whilst the bar will be a cash bar, arrangements have been made to provide a traditional haggis, neeps and tatties supper in the Library Area.

    Around 6.45pm there will be some toasts, including to our patron saint St Andrew.
    The event will be covered by ZOOM to enable the event to reach out to Royals and their families worldwide. Further details to enable joining ZOOM will be passed to those who wish to take part, albeit virtually.
    To allow final arrangements to be made may I ask, please, that those wishing to take part now let David Jack, our Regimental Secretary ( and myself ( know the following:

    1. Names of those intending to attend the Gathering.
    2. Whether the attendance will be in person or via ZOOM.
    3. Confirm email and phone contact details for further communications.
    4. That they are happy for the use of their data, to arrange the smooth running of the Gathering.

    Finally, please do spread the word; here is an opportunity to get together, and to encourage others to come and enjoy some comradeship.
    Once a Royal, Always a Royal!

  3. You may be aware that the Ministry of Defence has been conducting an Integrated Review. We do not have any details at present, but an announcement is expected in Parliament on Thursday 25 Nov. This will be an oral statement in the House of Commons at approximately 1100. It is likely that this will be broadcast on the BBC Parliament channel.

    We expect this to include mention of: 1SCOTS redesignating as 1RANGERS, part of the new RANGER Regiment and Army Special Operations Brigade, effects on other SCOTS Battalions, an update on basing and changes for the rest of the Army and Defence.

    We do not have sight of the detail of any of this. Further communications from CGS, The Colonel of The Regiment, The Royal Regiment of Scotland and Brigadier George Lowder will follow.

  4. East of Scotland Branch members are saddened to hear of the passing of another two Regimental family members, we all send our deepest condolences to the families of the late Shirly McCann and James Skirving Carrick, all our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this sad and difficult time.

  5. The Regimental Association send our deepest condolences to the families of the late Shirly McCann and James Skirving Carrick, all our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this sad and difficult time.

  6. Deepest Condolences to Jimmy Carrick Skirving’s Family.Another great Royal Scots Bro gone to join The Grandiozo Re-org above.R.I.P. Jimmy GBNF.

  7. JAMES SKIRVING CARRICK…. So sad to hear of the passing of Jimmy, who died after a long illness, which he fought bravely. RIP my fiend. Bill and Lyn Sutherland

  8. I wish to share my deepest condolences to all ex Royal Scots, family & friends who have recently sadly passed, my thoughts and prayers are with you all at this very sad time.


  9. CHRISTMAS CARDS – WARNING NOTICE Please note that we have decided (as for previous years) not to send out Christmas Cards this year – the main factor being the extortionate cost for postage. As an alternative, it is our intention to give a cash donation to GUIDE DOGS FOR THE BLIND. I do hope that this does not offend anyone. Bill and Lyn Sutherland.

  10. Mick, please accept my sincere condolences on your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family at this the saddest of times.

    1. Sad to hear of Shirley McCanns passing our condolences to Mike and his family at such a sad time for all, words are never enough.
      Dave & Janet

      1. Don’t know if I have got the right Dave and Janet. My name is linda Davidson wife of the late Derek Davidson former Royal Scot. Came across your message by chance. I am formerly of Esmond street.

        1. Hi Linda it’s lovely to hear from you . We are still in Inverness at the same address if you still have it .

          1. hi janet. Really glad you saw my message. Sorry but i couldn’t find your address . It was just pure chance i came across you and dave’s message. i will leave my email address below and we can get a good catch up. I have been living in Broughshane Co.Antrim this last lot of years. I will give you my address when we are talking via email. Really great to hear from you. Take care.XX

  11. Stephanie and I have just seen the very sad news about the passing of Shirley McCann, we are shocked and saddened to hear this and our sincere condolences go to Mike and his family

  12. I have just read Mike McCann’s message regarding the devastating loss of his wonderful wife Shirley. Absolutely floored by this news. Such a lovely, kind cheerful lady who will be missed obviously by Mike and their family but also by everyone who had the privilege to know Shirley. My condolences to Mike and all of Shirley’s family. RIP Shirley xx

    1. Absolutely shattered at the news of Shirley’s passing she was one of the best she lite up a room when she walked in she will be sorely Jimmy and Kate Ovens

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