1. Jimmy Springthorpe

    It is with great sadness that we report the sudden death on Friday 21 Oct of 31 year old Lee Pennycuick. lee is the son of former Royal Scot John Pennycuick and his wife Mary.
    We will publish funeral details when known. Our thoughts are with John, Mary and their family at this tragic time.
    Jimmy Springthorpe

  2. David Milne

    Central Branch next meeting will be on the 06th Nov 16 at 1400 hrs in the Hilcroft Hotel, Whitburn.

    1. Geordie McPheat

      Dave Milne…. Please convey my apologies to the chair as I will be unable to attend the November meeting due to work commitments

  3. w

    Andy Keane thank you for coming to my wedding reception in 1987 remember you giving me a bollicking for getting a passport photo with me smiling on it. You called me a clown and i was .
    But I was only 18. But we were going to Berlin before the wall came down.
    Sold a litre of blood for 70 marks happy days. Woke up in East Berlin had a hell of a time getting back to the west side.

  4. Secret Squirrel69

    Hi to all just a wee apology for unavailability to attend The RSA AGM next Friday at The Royal Scots Club.Work commitments preclude me from joining those able to attend.Look forward to an overview of proceedings from Tom Logan in due course.Wishing all attending a productive evening taking The National Royal Scots Association forward into another year of Association and Networking through our extended Regimental Family.Many Thanks to all who administrate and organise the longevity of the success carrying forward The Royal Scots(THE ROYAL REGIMENT) in name and reputation.Once A Royal Ayewis A Royal!!Slainte Mhath!!Secret squirrel69

  5. david fraser

    I agree with all the positive comments about the new web site ..well done to all involved ..I think I could just about tune an A40 nowadays …

  6. Tom Logan

    Date for next meeting of East of Scotland Branch will be Saturday 29th October, 1930 hrs at the British Legion Prestonpans.

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