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Posted on 25 Nov 2015 by Jim Anderson Website Administrator

The Funeral for Alexander (Sandy) Govan will be held on the 30th November at 13:30hrs Mortonhall Crematorium and afterwards at the Juniper Green Inn for the wake.

The family of the late Sandy Govan have requested that if anyone attending the funeral wishes to stand up and tell some funny stories concerning Sandy can you please contact the office on and we will pass this on to the family.

Posted on 24 Nov 2015 by tom ewart

It is with sorrow that I report the death of 22699321 Pte.Jake {toby} Nichol from Hawick We served together in the 3 ton section in Berlin 52 and Korea 53. Jake or Jackie was a real character and 82 passed away after a period of bad health. No dought some out there will remember him

Posted on 23 Nov 2015 by Robert Wallace

I would be interested to hear fm anyone who has a copy of The Thistle Nov 1977. Best means of contact remains FB or email - Any support in this matter is appreciated. Rgds

Posted on 22 Nov 2015 by The Royal Scots Museum

For Jimmy Carlisle. Well done, Jimmy. Great Work. Looking forward to seeing you in March. Jim Blythe

Posted on 22 Nov 2015 by george higgins

Warning order. Royal Scots Veterans Gathering. Saturday 7th of May 2016. 25th Anniversary ( OP GRANBY ). This is open to all Royal Scots regardless of if you served in Gulf War 1 or not. This is a Commemoration / Celebration of our great Regiments last battle honour.

I posted on social media less than 48 hours ago and we have 27 going and 44 maybe's Aye, Maybe's Naw. This is an informal event so get round your old comrades from your old platoons/companies from those days and get persuading them to come along, ANTI/TANK boys take note.

This has the potential to be another big turn out, last month we had 76 Royals on parade for what was a fantastic occasion. Can I just point out, this is not to be confused with the Op Granby dinner being held in the Royal Scots club at the end of February or, the Royal Scots Annual reunion being held at the BMC club the week before this gathering. This is for all us guys who for various reasons won't make either or if you're lucky enough to attend all then well done. This is an alternative.

We as a Regimental association, have for the past two years now have been Commemorating events that happened 100 years ago and have been honouring the brave men and woman of WW1 and quite rightly, so next year is our turn.

We the majority are alive and kicking and extremely proud that 25 years ago we earned our Regiments last battle honour and should be celebrated by all Royal Scots who wish to do so. More info will be available after the year. Let's get Santa out the road first, and get the date in your diaries and spread the word. UTR.

Posted on 21 Nov 2015 by Jimmy Carlisle

To Jim Valentine. I certainly will place a cross on the Memorial for you and one from myself. Hope you are wife are getting better. Take care

Posted on 21 Nov 2015 by Jim Anderson Website Administrator

The Funeral for Alexander (Sandy) Govan will be held on the 30th November at 13:30hrs Mortonhall Crematorium and afterwards at the Juniper Green Inn for the wake.

Posted on 21 Nov 2015 by james valentine

F A O Jimmy Carlisle. Hi Jimmy I would like you to do me a big favour when you attend in march in [ N I ] could you place a cross from me to remember the lads I was with on that night. I would like to be there myself but the thoughts wont let me and my wife has terminal cancer and I don't want to leave her. Thanks James. P S if you wish to contact me you can get my email address from head office.

Posted on 20 Nov 2015 by Jimmy Carlisle

Col Blythe, Things are good here in Scottsdale. It was good to see the photo of Rab and Mrs Johnstone at Sgt McFarlane's grave in Philadelphia. I am still searching for other Royals buried in the USA, they must never be forgotten. Even though Philadelphia is 2000 miles, I have a good network to get crosses/poppies placed on graves. Attended the Remembrance Sunday event in Mesa, Arizona where I had the honour of carrying the Union Flag again. I think it is because I am a Royal Scot and that alone lifts the standard. I will be at Palace Barracks in March.

Posted on 20 Nov 2015 by George higgins

Hi. Just been in visiting Bert Rutherford. He's looking, and feeling, very tired due to various medication but can still have a conversation. I'm fortunate enough to be working at the University part of the Hospital this weekend and will pop back in tomorrow to see him again. He sends his best to all Royals and his last words as I was walking away was UP THE ROYALS . Get well soon Bert.

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Posted by Jim Anderson Website Administrator
The Funeral for Alexander (Sandy) Govan will be held on the 30th November at…

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