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Posted on 30 Jul 2015 by tom logan

RS Association Gladdy Murray Golf outing Sunday 30th August. If you wish to take part in this annual event, please forward your names to Andy Fitzpatrick ASP. The tournament will take place at Silverknowes Golf Club; the first Tee off time is 10.30am. Tea, Coffee and Bacon Rolls 9.30am at the Club.

Posted on 30 Jul 2015 by tom logan

Reminder..........Scotland Branches Offices Bearers will vacate their positions after the next Quarterly meeting in August, anyone from the Association wishing to put their name forward for: Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer must inform Captain J Sringthorpe in writing before Tuesday 1st September. If no name is forthcoming Tam Douglas, Tom Logan & Sammy McKean will be standing for re-election and no ballot papers will be issued.

Posted on 30 Jul 2015 by tom logan

Dear all

Remember this years RS Autumn Dinner falls on Saturday 26th September, the evening before the Musselburgh Races. The Dinner will take place at the Royal Scots Club, arrive 7.00pm dinner starts at 7.30pm.

Branches are asked to encourage members to attend this event.

Proformas will be available on the guestbook to download in the next few days.

Posted on 30 Jul 2015 by Dave Dickson

FAO Gurn Re Sniper rifle we were stationed in Tidworth in the 70s and each company had a sniper rifle of that type and they were used on OPs in Northern Ireland etc when required but we're replaced by a more up to date rifle later hope this helps Regards Dave

Posted on 29 Jul 2015 by John McCulloch

Well done East of Scotland Branch for our #GoKennyD picture after branch meeting. Great picture

Posted on 28 Jul 2015 by Jim Anderson Website Administrator

Dear All, I am on holiday until the 13 Aug the location I am in only allows limited internet connection so I will try and update the Guestbook and Forum at least once a day (unless I travel 4 miles), any urgent requests can be sent to my email as I get that on 4G but limited on what my phone can do,and I will attempt to have it posted ASAP

Posted on 28 Jul 2015 by Bill Sutherland


Edinburgh Evening News

Well done to those who took time out from their busy schedules to attend the GO KENNY D pic opportunity last Friday at South Queensferry and on Saturday at The Royal Scots Club..... I know that this was appreciated by both Kenny and Sally Douglas. Bill Sutherland

Posted on 28 Jul 2015 by Bill Sutherland

GULF 25TH ANNIVERSARY - 2016 Ref my post some months ago. Any news yet on event to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of GULF 1991? Bill Sutherland

Posted on 27 Jul 2015 by John McCulloch

Just had a thought. What if we do a walk and raise funds for #GoKennyD we have done the photos, had the TV and newspaper involved, why don't we raise some funds and send Kenny and Sally on a wee relaxing holiday or something. It's gone global so why not work on that to raise funds for #GoKennyD ? Lands end to john o groats has been done so what about West Scotland to East Scotland? Just a thought John

Posted on 26 Jul 2015 by Bill Sutherland

GO KENNY D PICS I did not expect many to turn up for the photo opportunity at the Hawes Inn on Friday morning... but well done to those who did (including 2 wives). I was disappointed to hear that not that many turned up for the photo opportunity at The Royal Scots Club yesterday afternoon (Saturday)! Pity HRH was not around.... that would have, I am sure, increased attendance significantly. For those who did turn up ... wel done. Hey Ho ..... Rant over. Bill Sutherland

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Posted by Tom logan
RS Association Gladdy Murray Golf outing Sunday 30th August. If you wish to take part in this…

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