1. Tom Logan

    Title: ‘Captain Henry Reynolds VC, MC who commanded A Company of the 12th Battalion , The Royal Scots on 20 September 1917 – a commemoration of his life and the actions which lead to the award of his VC on that day.’

    ‘Twenty five members of our association from north and south of the border took part in this one hundredth anniversary year commemoration in the lovely Northamptonshire village of Whilton at the invitation of Mrs Anthea Hiscock and her local committee. Most of us enjoyed supper in a local pub the evening before piped in by Matt Hoggan, our piper, after a much needed church rehearsal. Many had suffered horrific travel delays caused by the current nation wide security situation plus road closures and did well to reach Whilton.

    The following morning on 20 September 2017, we assembled about half of a mile from Whilton and marched to St Andrew’s Church headed by our piper, Matt Hoggan, and our Association Colour party (Tom Logan and Willie Hoy). Tam Douglas gave out the commands, kept the step and organised the villagers who turned out in large numbers to honour their local hero into a marching column. We halted near the church. A welcoming speech followed and then Mr David Lang, the Lord Lieutenant of Northamptonshire, unveiled a memorial stone to Captain Henry Reynolds who one hundred years ago was serving in our 12th Battalion commanding A Company. As is described later this memorial commemorates his outstanding acts of gallantry on that day which lead to this award. Lieutenant Colonel Tom Perkins, who was commissioned into The Royal Scots and continues his career in The Royal Regiment of Scotland, then laid a poppy wreath against the stone to commemorate the lives of the 11,213 Royal Scots who lost their lives in World War One and also to symbolise the golden thread of history from our regiment onward into the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

    Association members made their way into the church, occupied the choir stalls and the colour party slow marched our colours up to the altar during the processional hymn accompanied by the local policeman who doubles as the organist. The vicar, Canon David Painter, conducted the service; two local children described Henry’s early life and two members of the local history society recounted how he won his MC. Colonel Finlay Maclean gave an outline of the Battle of Passchendaele in 1917 and the part played by the 12th Battalion. Lieutenant Colonel John Charteris read out the VC citation. The Vice Chairman of Combat Stress described Henry Reynolds’ post war work on behalf of the Ex-Services Welfare Society and how he helped so many men suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, a terrifying condition not fully understood back then. The Bishop of Peterborough gave the sermon referring to Henry Reynolds’ work in helping fellow soldiers less fortunate than himself beset by mental breakdown. Stewart Colquhoun spoke the Regimental Collect from memory and without hesitation. During the singing of both verses of the National Anthem the Association colours were dipped, raised and then slow marched out of the church to the playing by Matt Hoggan of ‘The Dark Island’. We then had a series of group photographs beside Captain Henry Renyolds’ memorial VC stone. Our whole party included those already named together with Colonel Edward (organiser) and Janet Cowan, Captain Lance Taylor (local committee member), Colonel James and Joanna Finlay, Caroline Maclean, Antoinette Charteris, Lieutenant Colonel Colin Caverhill and Olivia Grove, Lieutenant Colonel Gordon Rae (who has regimental responsibility for events of this kind), Tam Millar (Vice Chairman of the Association’s Southern Branch), Alex Moore, Davy McKendrick, Harry Wright, Tam Fisher (who was our early contact with Whilton), George Gilchrist and Andy Kyle (who drove the Edinburgh contingent’s mini bus to Whilton and back again).

    Finally we enjoyed lunch as guests of Whilton Village in their local garden centre built on the site of Henry Reynold’s birth place. Edward Cowan thanked the village of Whilton , the organising committee and Anthea Hiscock in particular for their hospitality, invited them to visit our museum to see Henry Reynolds’ medals and to consider staying in our club created as a memorial to Royal Scots who fell in World War One.Tam Douglas presented Anthea Hiscock with the three parts of the Regimental history as written by the late Lieutenant Colonel Robert Patterson and in return she presented him with her biography of Henry Reynolds which will be retained in our museum library.

    In summary this was a most enjoyable and moving event in commemoration of Henry Reynolds and his outstanding gallantry. All Association members who took part deserve congratulations for their support and making the effort to attend.

    Edward Cowan.

    1. James Valentine

      F a o All
      Well done gentlemen one and all for your respectful attendance at the memorial and a big well done to Edward for the work he done to get this to happen.
      James Valentine.

  2. Tom Logan


    Myself and George Gaff who runs Rothiemurchus Lodge at Avimore, are hoping to organize a weekend away sometime during next year once we have finalised a suitable date.

    George can accommodate up to 70 personnel, and lay on the following events over the weekend:- Sailing, Zip wire, Gorge Walking, Clay Pigeon, Quad Biking, Go Cart, Mounting Biking, Paddle Boarding, Fishing and Golfing.

    This weekend will go ahead if we can get enough support from the Regimental family,

    Cost £32 p/p for 2 nights, Extra £6 if you require bedding or you can bring your own.


    Just a reminder that anyone wishing to attend the reunion on 28 October needs to get me their return and cheque by the end of this month. To date their are only 6 returns!

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