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  1. Further to my post on 12th March and now that the situation is clearer, I wish to update you all on the following:

    REGIMENTAL OFFICE. With effect from Friday 20th March Ellie and I will be working from home apart from a couple of short visits to the office each week to deal with post and banking. We will use the e-mail addresses as are currently in use, that is and

    A message on the office answer machine (0131 557 0405) will direct callers to my mobile phone which will be manned during the hours 8am to 2pm. Outside of those hours you can leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as is possible.

    You can also use our Out of Hours Contact form and again we will respond as soon as we can and it can be found at this link

    THE REGIMENTAL ASSOCIATION. All association/regimental events including those organised by branches are cancelled up until the 1st of July when the situation will be reviewed. This includes the branch monthly meetings and all open-air events. Anyone who has paid for the Regimental Day dinner and/or the Regimental reunion will be refunded.

    REGIMENTAL BENEVOLENCE. Benevolence will function as normal and I ask you all if you identify anyone in need please direct them to their nearest branch of SSAFA who are responsible for initiating the case. It is likely that the SSAFA case worker will do the interview over the telephone rather than face to face.
    Any changes or updates will be posted here.

    Jimmy Springthorpe
    Regimental Administrator.

  2. Press Release

    The Royal Scots – Regimental Day 28th March

    As a way of creating a living history for our web site and our museum at Edinburgh Castle , our project team, RS 373, is working on capturing veterans’ memories on film, it’s still work-in-progress. On our Regimental Day we’re launching another initiative to connect our Regimental Family at this time of virus lockdown. The following message has gone out. It would be great if you could cover this story.

    Click this link to see the full story

    1. I cannot limit myself to five individual moments so am going to be very general:
      1. Being a member of the finest Regiment in the British or any other Army.
      2. Being looked after throughout my service by the finest Warrant Officers and SNCOs there were.
      3. Being privileged to command really brilliant JNCOs and Jocks who kept me sane (most of the time) and amused by all they did.
      4. Continuing to be part of the Regimental Family with the friendship and memories that brings.
      5 . Looking back over nearly four centuries of unmatched achievement in Service to Sovereign and Country -and knowing that our successors in SCOTS continue, and will continue to add to that.
      Nemo me Impune Lacessit
      Robert Watson

      1. On arrival at Khormaksar Airport in Aden we were met by Frankie Doyle with a 4 tonner on which we were transported to the 5 star dust bowl called the transit camp. The following day we were issued with brand spanking new SLR’s that still had the grease and wax that the factory put on them. When I asked about cleaning kits, I was told that were all up country with the battalion. So I then asked if there were any rags available so that we could make some effort to clean our rifles. I received a negative reply. At this point desperation was starting to set in.
        ‘Have you got anything that we could use at all?’ I asked, more in hope than expectation. The response was a quick rummage around under the counter whereupon he produced three copies of the Reader’s Digest.
        When we eventually arrived at the battalion echelon at Thumier, the condition of our weapons did not meet the standards required by the CSM namely WO2 Dick McKeen.

  3. RS 373 Regimental Day

    SITREP on Initiative to Capture Post WW2 to 2006 Memories of our strong, close- knit Regimental Family.
    15 separate interviews were filmed at the RS Club between November and the end of February, resulting in over 10 hours of footage.

    Some very strong themes have come through, and the ‘first cut’ of the Film will be viewed by Team 373 this coming week. Notwithstanding the Pandemic it is hoped to release the Film by the end of April. The initiative has been made possible by a grant from our Regimental Trust.

    ‘Charlie Charlie Call’ to Royals and the wider Regimental Family, on Regimental Day
    We are all currently experiencing the unprecedented impact of the current Coronavirus pandemic. Let’s today share 5 one-liner memories of life with the First Battalion; these should not be too specific eg date or detail nor dwell on incidents on operations nor recount disciplinary matters nor be critical of others.

    For starters my 5 are:
    1. Joining C Company in Osnabruck and immediately going to Kiel to take Battalion members sailing in the Baltic.
    2. The challenge of the 30km race on Ex HARDFALL, 2 days after arriving in Norway.
    3. Having the real privilege of leading the Battalion in Werl.
    4. HRH The Princess Royal’s morale boosting pre- Christmas visit to Belfast.
    5. How supportive and important our families were when the Battalion deployed on operations.

    So big ‘Ask’ please for Royal Scots ‘Crowd Communication’ on Regimental Day: share your one-line memories, don’t delay do it today.

    Take care, stay safe and I know we all be looking out for vulnerable members of our very special Regimental Family at this challenging time.

    Thank you, Martin Gibson
    Lead Team RS 373

    1. 1. Meeting 1RS QM first time on arrival in Osnabruck.
      2 Cleaning company vehicles with toothbrushes for handover in Libya.
      3 432 driver training under Bill Pettigrew on Achmer Training Area .
      4. Meeting the Queen after parade in Princess Street Gardens.
      5. Sailing in Keil with sproggie 2nd Lt Gibson .

      1. 1. Arriving in Mercer Bks Osnabruck one afternoon in May 1968 to an empty barracks – Bn finished work at 1 pm in prep for exercise in Libya followed by:
        2. Introduction to the Company Beer Bar!!!
        3. Change of Cap Badge parade in 1969 when we got our proper badges back
        4. Tidworth – AMF(L) exercises in Norway, Greece, Denmark (and Sennybridge!!!)
        5. My first MQ in Tidworth, in the quarters behind Assay Bks. My wife stopping the Mil Band and telling them to find another route as they were waking the baby – they did!

        6. Many, many more!

    SATURDAY 28 MARCH 2020

    On 28 March 2006, while the 1st Battalion were deployed on operations based at Basra in Iraq, and after 373 years of unbroken service to the day since King Charles signed his Warrant to raise Hepburn’s Regiment, our direct forebears, the Regiment merged with the six surviving Regular and two Territorial Regiments of Scottish Infantry to form The Royal Regiment of Scotland. The 1st Battalion was renamed The Royal Scots Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland. On 1 August 2006 that Battalion further merged with The King’s Own Scottish Borderers Battalion to form The Royal Scots Borderers, 1st Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland, abbreviated to 1 SCOTS.

  5. Message from HRH The Princess Royal


    As I have had to postpone my visits for this spring and summer, I did just want to record how much I appreciate the difficultie s you all face over the next few weeks and months.

    Many of you will have found ways to adapt your skills, which are so important to the organisations you either work or volunteer for, to help in your own isolation or to help others cope better in those many jobs that cannot stop.

    I was planning another charities forum this summer to underline the value of understanding each others strengths and achievements as well as the added value of working better together. The next forum will be especially interesting, with many important lessons to be shared.

    I look forward to hearing from you and catching up as soon as possible.
    Thank you for all you do, wherever you are.

  6. As we are unable to hold any event to celebrate Regimental Day on Saturday 28th March I would ask all Royals everywhere to raise a glass at 6.30 pm on Saturday and toast “The Regiment”.
    Stay safe,

  7. The Regimental Office.
    New phones have been procured for the office staff.
    The telephone number for Admin manned by Ellie is 07745 791623.
    The number manned by myself is 07752 262300.
    The voice message on our land line will be altered to reflect the changes.


  8. 80th Anniversary of The Royal Scots Defence of the Dunkirk Perimeter: The Battle of Le Paradis

    We regret to advise that due to the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic a decision has been taken to cancel the Association’s official participation with Lestrem Commune in this year’s Commemoration. This year is the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Le Paradis where The Royals, ordered to hold the Dunkirk Perimeter to the last round and the last man, did just that. The Royal Norfolk Association and 1 Royal Anglian have also cancelled. If it should become possible to attend some of our Members may go unofficially and so there could still be a presence. Lestrem Commune propose a special Commemoration in 2021 which we plan to attend as we would have done this year. A big thank you to all who have supported this year’s planning, it will not be lost and next year we will once again remember the success and sacrifice of the First Battalion in 1940 in a fitting manner.

    David Dickson & Iain Laird

  9. The Fallen Comrades golf day 05th Apr 20 has now been cancelled.
    I have asked Joe to re-book the Golf Club again for the 27th Sep 20. We will then play for both trophies on this day.

  10. Pleases be aware that The Royal Scots and the Royal Regiment of Scotland Museum is closed until further notice as is Edinburgh Castle, we will update if any changes.

  11. Due to the current situation various events have now been cancelled, The West Kirk of Calder has today cancelled the VE event, we will publish updates to all events as soon as we have confirmation.

  12. The office is closed early today, Jimmy currently unavailable and future opening hours are TBC.

    However as I work from home I am available to answer questions if I can my email address if you dont already know it is

    I will also monitor the admin email and respond.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope be back in full operation soon.

    1. Always in my thoughts “Dickie”. Daft as a brush but what a mucker.
      RIP bud.

    2. Hi Franny , Bruce here was very proud to be his Platoon Sargent . A great loss to us and his wife and family. REST IN PEACE

      1. absolutely Bruce, many thanks for the Posts guys, hope you are all well, God Bless

  13. Due to the current situation regarding the Coronavirus outbreak it is with reluctance that the decision has been made to cancel both the Association AGM on 20th March and the Association Regimental Day dinner night on 28th March. I know there will be a degree of disappointment but I am sure the decision will be understood.

    A new date for the AGM cannot be made at this time for obvious reasons.

    Jimmy Springthorpe
    Association Chairman.

  14. A lost hero found at last: 102 years after his death, an unknown Royal Scots soldier’s family finally grieve by his grave.

    He has lain with his fallen ¬comrades for more than a century but, at last, the family of Lance Corporal Brunton Smith will now be able to grieve by his grave.

    Killed in the First World War and buried in an anonymous grave in France, brave Brunton’s final resting place has finally been identified and now, 102 years after his death, will be marked as his family attend a ceremony of dedication.

    Today we remember him.

    John: 15:13

    “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends”


    Credit: Sunday Post

  15. Could Private 24169306 please contact me in the Regimental Office.

  16. Some items of note

    John Reid Cockburn who died in November was a WO1 not WO2 (his wife called after seeing it in The Thistle).

    The Rev Joseph Brown who served with both the Cameron Highlanders (as padre) and the Royal Scots for a short time (1947 or 48) died on the 30th November 2019. He was also in the pipe band. His father, also Joseph Brown served with the Royal Scots in WW1.

  17. The Thistle Volume 36 Winter Edition 2019/2020

    A couple of errors have been spotted in the Chairman’s address on the front page and the following amendments should be made when you receive your copy.

    Paragraph two, the last line before the bullet points has been omitted, please add:

    “sustain our critical Regimental activities. We agreed that:”

    Second column, fourth bullet point should read:

    “The RS Association Membership will decline naturally overtime, BUT association will continue and is to be encouraged.”

  18. Golf date for your diaries for the Fallen Comrades Trophy. This year it will be held on Sunday the 05th April 2020 at Carmuirs Golf Club, Falkirk, FK2 7YP. If you can start to arrive for 0830 hrs for registration, we have provisionally booked 6 tee times, first tee off will be at 10:03 hrs. The club does have buggies, so if you require a buggy please book them in advance through the club. If you would like to play please pass your name to David Milne or Brian McGeachie.

  19. Just a quick note of thanks to all who organised the “Op Banner”50th reunion and also the staff of the Royal Scots Club an excellent night with good food and drinks and the historical lead of our tours in the province helped to bring its more poignant moments to mind.
    A great night renewing friendships with comrades some of whom I hadn’t seen for 30 odd years well done and thank you for a memorable evening.
    Dave Dickson

    1. The OP Banner event was brilliant! Well done all involved in the planning and execution.

  20. Wanted, Administrator PT for website and Social media platforms.

    Must be able to work with a WordPress admin back end and a user of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube, Office 365 ect and be able to assist with any problems with various software and hardware issues used at both The Royal Scots Office and The Museum at Edinburgh Castle also preferable ex military background but not essential as some training can be given if you have an interest in all things Military.

    Working from home, no set hours but able to respond when required, normally during the day, would suit someone who is retired and has time to spare and live within the Edinburgh area.

    Salary, none but somes perks are available to the right person.


  21. It is our sad duty to report the passing of Gordon Beech. Information received from Gordon’s Nephew. More details to follow.

  22. For those of you that are attending The Op Banner reunion that live far away why not make a day of it The Museum and The Scottish National War Memorial are open if you would like to visit, contact The Museum and give a few days’ notice this is free but does not allow you wider access to The Castle.

    Contact details are: –
    By phone 0131 310 5016 or email

  23. Franny, I’ve just physically read this mate. Well done, it takes a lot to be honest and up front. What a fantastic gesture and kind donation. Someone will benefit I’m sure from your generosity.
    Take care mate


  24. As at today 104 former Royals have signed up to attend the OP Banner reunion on 29 Feb.
    As the cut off date for applying has now passed we are now opening the event to include those Royals who hold a GSM from other ops, ie Aden, Radfan etc.

    Apply using the same form or contact the Regimental office.

    1. With the forthcoming anniversary of The 50th “Op Banner” tours I’ve put together a few pics of tours,locations & people that made a difference to our many tours in Ulster showing not just 1RS but the many other units both army,airforce,navy and police that we worked with during our 50 years of protecting the people and preserving the peace & the rule of law,against the well known terrorist organisations,that were our enemies,hope it brings some memories back of good,funny & sad times.”With a few good people”(If some locations or dates are incorrect apologies it’s been a while )

  25. Death Announcement in The Daily Telegraph of Sat 15 Feb 2020.
    TAYLOR- (nee Primmer) Joan Barbara (Edinburgh). Died very peacefully on
    February 3rd 2020 at Edinburgh Erskine Home. Loving wife of the late Lt Col H.D.G.Taylor, RS. Adored mother of David, Anne, Charles and the late Hugo. Mother-in-law to Ian and Jackie. Loved by all her grandchildren and great grandson. Celebration of Joan’s life will be held at St Peter’s Church, Lutton Place, Edinburgh, EH8 9PE at 11 a.m. on Saturday 7th March 2020. Please wear bright clothes.
    Lt Col Taylor commanded 1RS during their time in Aden.

  26. Sadly we have to report the sudden death of former Cpl James Welsh Jnr 1RS/REME on the 3rd February 2020, the funeral service will take place at Warriston Crematorium at 3pm 20th February 2020.

    1. Earliest Condolences and apologies due to Volunteer Training at Glenrothes,I am unable to attend Jim’s service.Thoughts with The Family,Regimental Family and friends.
      R.I.P. Jimmy until the Grandiozo Re-Org.
      Stu Colquhoun and Family

    2. So sorry to hear of the passing of Jim Welsh, our thoughts are with his family at this sad time. Margaret & Nobby Clarke

    3. Just a quick reminder to all central branch members that the next meeting will be on Sunday 1st March at 1400hrs in Whitburn, and remember it is that time again so remember your money…..

  27. As you will all be aware that your Regimental Association Fees were due to be paid by the 1st February 2020
    A few /several Association members still need to pay or renew the Annual £10 membership fees to your respective Branches.

    The most important part of your Membership fee, it’s paid to your Branch to fund and support any Branch Events.

    If you haven’t been in touch with your Branch Secretary / Treasurer to renew your membership then we will assume that you no longer for whatever reason want to be an Association member, (Hopefully that will not be the case).

    Your Branch will accept Cash, Cheques and Postal Orders, or make things easier set up a Bank Direct Debit; speak to your Branch Secretary’s for a form.

  28. We have today been notified of the death on 19 January of James Neil, aged early 80s.
    James served 1955-57 and was awarded the GSM Cyprus with clasp Near East.
    A funeral service will take place at West Lothian Crematorium, Cousland Wood, Starlaw Place, Livingston EH54 7FDt on Fri 24 January at 1200hrs.

  29. I am a piper with The Royal Scots Association Pipes and Drums, and I had the honour of piping at the service today, Friday the 17th of Januaru

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