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Posted on 25 Jan 2015 by Liz Kyle

well, where do I start............I suppose by thanking our Office Bearers for Central Branch for giving us another good night in the form of a Burns Supper. All who attended had a great time, the meal was lovely, the hotel was warm, friendly and pleasant, and the drink never stopped flowing all night. The DJ was good and kept us dancing into the wee small hours of the morning. Thank you also to Davie the piper who served us well with his bagpipes. We look forward to attending next years and am working on ma next reply already!!!!!! thanks folks. Liz

Posted on 25 Jan 2015 by Paul Robertson

I would like to thank all who attended the Central Branch Burns Night, you made it a great success. A special thanks must go to Dave, Derrick, Big Bri, Liz, Jen, Marion and not forgetting Shug, thier hard work and commitment, took it from a Fantastic to a ''Brilliant Night'' Onwards and Upwards Guys.

Posted on 24 Jan 2015 by Peter Blackie

Regarding Purves Memorial Prize,I would also like to nominate Tam Douglas for all the hard work he does for the association.UTR

Posted on 23 Jan 2015 by Tom Logan

REMINDER Just a small reminder that the Royal Scots Regimental Day falls on Saturday 28th March 2015, The Regimental Association will be holding a Regimental Day Dinner Night on Saturday 28th March at the Royal Scots Club, Cost per person will be Twenty Five pounds. Anyone wishing to attend please submit your name to the Association Secretary Tom Douglas, who can be contacted at the Regimental Office within Royal Scots Club. We would encourage the wider Regimental Family to come along and have an enjoyable evening. Forms will also be attached to next months Newsletter.

Posted on 23 Jan 2015 by Jim Anderson


We have produced a community poster to help publicise our Regimental Family Gathering in May and we are asking everyone who can, to print out a copy and display it in a public place.

Potential poster sites might include community noticeboards in your local leisure centre, supermarket, church, veterans, ex servicemens club, staff room, pub, library anywhere other Royal Scots might see it.

The aim is to promote our Regimental Family Gathering to Royal Scots in your community who may be out of touch with the Regiment.

Help promote our Regimental gathering

Posted on 23 Jan 2015 by Jim Anderson

Thanksgiving Service for General Bob

The Canongate Kirk, Regimental Kirk of The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment), was packed at 11am 22 January 2015 for the Thanksgiving Service to celebrate the life of Lieutenant-General Sir Robert Francis Richardson, KCB, CVO, CBE (2 March 1929 to 21 November 2014)

Order of Service

Posted on 22 Jan 2015 by Joanne Lockhart

Condolences to Bob Richardson's family. Unfortunately unable to attend memorial service today due to health issues. Margaret and I are both thinking of you. RIP Gerry & Margaret McInally

Posted on 22 Jan 2015 by Dave Dickson

Regrets not being able to attend "Big Bobs" memorial service but due to work commitments its just not possible,our thoughts are with the " Richardson "family and all " Royals "attending this sad occasion which I'm sure will be a celebration of a fine mans great life and contribution to service of his country. A fine man and a loss to us all Regards Dave & Janet

Posted on 21 Jan 2015 by George Mullholland

Regrettably I am unable to attend the memorial service for General Bob. Again I wish to pass my sincere condolences to all of General Bobs family. George Mullholland. RIP Sir

Posted on 21 Jan 2015 by David McKendrick

I am so sorry that I cannot attend the Service for General Bob on Thursday. My deepest condolences to the family. Gen Bob was truly an Officer and Gentleman. A Great Royal Scot.

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Posted by Liz Kyle
well, where do I start............I suppose by thanking our Office Bearers for Central Branch…

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