Mr & Mrs Driscoll in the Crimean War

Mrs Frances Driscoll went through the Crimean War with her husband Private Driscoll of the 1st Regiment of Foot. Women were lodged in tents behind the British lines, and “occupied themselves with washing clothes and darning socks and busied themselves in other ways to provide a semplance of comfort for the heroes who fought in the Alma heights or in the fog of Inkerman against such heavy odds.”

Thomas Smith, Sergeant of the 1st Foot remembers an incident at Gallipoli;

“Like Driscoll”, he writes,

“I was in 1854 a private in ‘D’ company (Captain Neville) of the 1st Battalion Royal Regiment, now Royal Scots. Our regiment was ordered in March 1854 on station service to Malta, from Plymouth. Without landing at Malta we were ordered to the front. 

Without landing at Malta we were ordered to the front.

We proceeded to Gallipoli with the complement of women, who would not have been shipped had we been ordered for war service on leaving Plymouth. At Gallipoli our camp equipment was of the most