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  1. For EX ROYALS who would have known/served with John PULLMAN.

    TAKEN FROM THE KOSB WEBSITE. Such sad news…. John was 77 when he died. I got to know John well when we were both in Retired Officers posts at Edinburgh Castle,, John was working in 52 Lowland Brigade and I was at Regimental Headquarters The Royal Scots. RIP John.

    Borderers, it is with great sadness that we notify you of the passing of MAJOR JOHN ARTHUR PULLMAN on 02 April 2021.
    John served with the 1st Bn from 1967 until 1996. He then served at HQ 51 and 52 Bdes as an SO2 until retiring in 2008. John served in various posts as a Jock through to Major and will be remembered as an outstanding professional soldier. A strong supporter of the Regimental association he organised and led the Borderers at the Cenotaph for many years.
    Funeral details will be notified when known.

  2. Dear all

    In October of this year, I will be 67 so I feel that I must take a back seat at the end of this year, working on The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment) website and social media.

    This has been a great joy and experience for me and sometimes puzzling I have learnt so much since when I joined The Regiment in 1972, I served with many great people and respect them, I hope that I have given as much as I can to help everyone, my life has changed so much in the last 10 years with a few operations and continual visits to hospitals every 3 and 6 months and now I must focus on my partner Jan who is severely disabled with MS and dementia.

    Volunteers are a very important part of our work to inform people of our Regiment’s history dating back to 1633 so if anyone wishes to help then please do contact or

    It has been a great pleasure working with everyone on the many things that we have done I am really looking forward to when we have our own memorial at the arboretum, we deserve it and it is my determination to attend.

    I will remain as always available to help when needed and will remain as a member of the association.

    My very best to all.

    Jim Anderson

    1. you have done a terrific job Jim, I hope you have a happy retirement when it comes along

    2. Good Luck Jim…. you have done a fantastic job and will be missed. Take care and STAY SAFE. Best Wishes for the future.
      Bill Sutherland

    3. Thank you Jim. Your efforts over the years have been very much appreciated by all who use the Guestbook.
      Good luck and very best wishes for the future.

    4. Good Afternoon Jim,

      I have been asked to publish this on behalf of the Chairman of The Trustees.

      Thank you for this note. I hope that you know from my recent letter to you, just how much we value your voluntary contribution and all that you do to keep The Royal Scots alive and well in the ether. Thank you for giving us some time to arrange a takeover of your responsibilities. I know that Jimmy and others are giving this serious thought. Until our paths next cross.

      Best Regards


    5. Jim A,

      You have done a tremendous amount for us all, achieving results far beyond the technical capability of the rest of us while putting up with all the daft questions we asked you – or at very least putting up with the daft questions I asked you. I have enjoyed working with you and am very grateful for everything you have done.

      Best wishes,

      Jim B

    SUNDAY 28 MARCH 2021
    On 28 March 2006, while the 1st Battalion were deployed on operations based at Basra in Iraq, and after 373 years of unbroken service to the day since King Charles signed his Warrant to raise Hepburn’s Regiment, our direct forebears, the Regiment merged with the six surviving Regular and two Territorial Regiments of Scottish Infantry to form The Royal Regiment of Scotland. The 1st Battalion was renamed The Royal Scots Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland. On 1 August 2006 that Battalion further merged with The King’s Own Scottish Borderers Battalion to form The Royal Scots Borderers, 1st Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland, abbreviated to 1 SCOTS.

  4. Sunday 28 March 2021 marks the 388th Anniversary of Sir John Hepburn raising the Regiment.
    Loyal greetings have been sent to HRH The Princess Royal, Patron of the Regimental Association and Patron of the Royal Scots Club with our best wishes.
    As we cannot hold our traditional dinner again this year, we are asking all Royal Scots everywhere to raise a glass at 6pm on Sunday the 28th and to toast “The Regiment”.

  5. Sadly, I have been asked by Cameron the son of the late Martin Smith (Mitzy) that his father passed away on Monday 22nd March 2021, Martin passed away after a tragic accident.
    When available the family will post details his funeral details.

    RIP Mitzt

  6. The Thistle Volume 38 Winter 2020/21.

    The Thistle will be posted on the website at 1300 hrs Monday 22 March.

    This online edition is the only version available however, should you wish you can of course print it.

    We were prevented from producing a hard copy due to the restrictions imposed by Covid 19.

    I hope you enjoy this edition which for various reasons has been a challenge to produce.


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