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  1. Fellow Royal Scots veterans. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but have to inform you that another one of our brother from another mother passed away this morning after a long fight with cancer. Kevin Fitzsimmons. He was only 49 years old. Condolences to his wife Nicky, his wee boy Max and all his family. He was a Gem of a guy and will be sadly missed. Lest we forget.

  2. Thanks to yourself Jim, Bill & Dave. Waiting for the MOD Medal Office to reply to my letter sent last week.

  3. WARNING ORDER, East of Scotland Branch The Royal Scots Regimental Association and East Lothian Armed Forces & Veterans Club will hold its Annual Burns Night on Saturday 22nd January 2022. This event will take place at Macmerry Miners Welfare Social Club.

    Tickets will be available end of October, cost £10

  4. From Danny Dempsey

    Thank you to Col David Jack for collecting me from Royal Hospital Chelsea on Sat and taking me up to Derby. We stopped overnight at the Derby Conference Centre Sat night then went on to the National Arboretum Sunday Morning where we attended the unveiling of the new memorial stone to the Regiment. I found this to be a very moving service.

    This was presented by Rev Ian May our Association Chaplin and a good job was done. (Thank you Ian) on the previous evening at the Conference Centre a great night was had. The bar was open at 1800 and there was old Royal there I hadn’t seen for a very long time, as the evening wore on more liquid passed lips. I also had some chat with the 3 amigos aka Tam Douglas Tam Logan and Ian Fair (this trio seem to turn up like bad pennies) I gave up at 10 o’clock.

    One final mention : Thank you to Jamie Colhoun on Sun at the Arboretum for kidnapping a wheel chair and pushed me about (thank you Jamie very much appreciated) all in all a great weekend was had. Thank you to everyone.

    1. Danny you are very welcome my only hope was that I and others who were taken photographs could have one on your own but everyone kept getting in the way which just show how much we hold you in our esteem, you have done something that most of us wish to do myself included if by any chance you have a photograph of yourself in your tunic we would be happy to receive it.

      My very best regards to you and hope you stay safe.

  5. I wish to take this opportunity to pass my sincere thanks to all members of the Regimental Association who not only “dined me out” on Sat 25th September at the Nagpore dinner but presented me with a beautifully made pipe banner and a bottle of Scotland’s finest.

    The dinner last week was a great occasion, and it was marvellous to be sat among people I consider true friends. The food and refreshments were as always first class. Tam Douglas’s speech was a classic even by Tam’s high standard.
    I have attached a couple of pictures of the pipe banner that I was presented with, and it now hangs in pride of place at home. It will always remind me of my time as Chairman of the association and I will cherish it forever.
    Thank you all so very much.


    1. A lovely tribute Jimmy marking your tremendous service at the head of the Regimental Association. Well deserved and I am.sure your duties were made doubly difficult during the last few years with COVID 19 issues. Enjoy your retirement. UP THE ROYALS

  6. Edinburgh based Royal Scots Association unveil two national memorials

    On Sunday 3 October, over 100 former members of The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment), [traditionally the regiment for Edinburgh & the Lothians], their families, relatives and friends gathered at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire to attend the dedication of two memorials.

    The first memorial, a five-ton block of Aberdeenshire granite, sited close to the Armed Forces Memorial at the centre of the Arboretum, bears a bronze plaque inscribed with the badges of the Regiment and the words:

    In Memory of all those who served their Sovereign and Country in The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment), 1st Regiment of Foot and Right of the Line, 1633-2006. Nemo Me Impune Lacessit.

    NB. The last phrase, in Latin, is the Regimental, and Scottish, motto – No one provokes me with impunity.

    The second memorial was for the Lisbon Maru and is below.

  7. Advice please, Can we wear the Accumulated Service medal (4×6 month tours plus 2 years Ballykinler). Thanks. Already have GSM (NI). Thanks

      1. My understanding is that the Accumulated Service awarded subject to the dates of tours etc that you were on which would be recorded on your service records. Although I did a number of emergency tours I did not qualify for the ASM as I was not on the 2 year tour with the Battalion in Ballykinler. If not officially awarded based on your service records…not entitled to wear it. Hope this helps. Bill

    1. If you go onto the MOD site medals section it will give you the criteria etc and how to apply Charlie

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