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    The Provost of East Lothian nominated Jamie Colquhoun and Tom Logan in recognition of their founding in 2017 then tireless organisation of East Lothian’s Armed Forces and Veterans Breakfast Club, which is attended by 50- 60 veterans weekly. Notwithstanding the recent COVID restrictions, in addition and in conjunction with the East of Scotland Branch of the Regimental Association highly popular Burns Nights, Sunday lunches and Christmas lunches have taken place.
    The Breakfast Club has required funding to sustain its operation so a wide array of initiatives have been organised by these two Royals, ably assisted by the Club’s many dedicated volunteers. All these gatherings have played a significant part in defeating isolation and improving inclusion.
    Furthermore, not only has the Club benefitted the wellbeing of veterans in East Lothian but it has reached out to the local community by donating to the East Lothian food bank, supported Willian Anderson’s Who Dares Cares, supported SSAFA and initiated the production of particularly well- received COVID face visors for the Council’s care homes.
    The two nominations are to be congratulated on being finalists for the Community Award, and attended the prestigeous Awards Ceremony at the Village Hotel in Edinburgh in late April.
    The Winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award and Overall Champion was David Dent MBE, who is very much a member of our Regimental Family; many congratulations to David.

    1. Delighted to hear Jamie Colquhoun and Tam Logan have been recognised for all their commitment and hard work on behalf of East Lothian veterans. Two great ambassadors for The Royal Scots, well done guys, I salute you.

    2. On behalf of Jamie and myself, we thank you for your kind words and support.

    3. That is absolutely brilliant and totally well deserved. They took the idea on for East Lothian and made us a success. It is fantastic that this has been recognised by the Provost.

      Well done to Tam and Jamie – good on you boys!



    “The further back you look, the better you see the future” Winston Churchill.

    Old Royals may be interested to learn that I was asked to join Lt Col Gordon Vevers (RHQ SCOTS Heritage) and Mr Tom Gordon (RS Museum) in conducting a check of RS Silver, Pictures and Property in the 1 RANGER Officers, Sergeants and Corporals Messes last week.

    We were very well received by 1 RANGER. In particular the CO, an Old Royal himself, is particularly keen to demonstrate 1 RANGER heritage via 1 SCOTS and going back to both antecedents, in order to demonstrate to visitors that the new 1 RANGER unit stands on the shoulders of giants, including readers of this who served in RS.

    You will probably know that a quantity of silver has already been backloaded to the RS Museum and there is an intention to display some of this 1 RS silver in the RS Club, alongside the silver already on display there, mainly having come from our Territorial and Volunteer battalions. The reason for the silver being backloaded is that messes are now contractualised right across the Army and unit establishments no longer provide for regimental mess staff, so only a limited amount can be managed realistically.

    Pictures are a different story. Provided that frames are in good repair, pictures can be hung on the walls to look after themselves as long as light levels are not so high as to risk fading. RS pictures are generally in good order and certainly much better than on my last visit pre-Covid. Both the Officers and the Sergeants Messes are well appointed with pictures charting RS history from 1633 to 2006. I have suggested that some should be hung more prominently but that some scenes with no regimental connections might be considered for backloading.

    So, the picture situation is stable, at least for the present and the foreseeable future. There had been the possibility of a move to another station where wall space for hanging pictures would have been much reduced. This would have introduced the question of what to do with them, the answer to which is that many would join those already hanging in the RS Club, where there is already a wealth of RS heritage, as those who use the Club will be familiar.

    We also checked property that spans a multitude of regimental items: furniture, crockery, pipe banners, drums and all else that doesn’t fall neatly under either silver or pictures. The final item to be checked was the Alva bell, cast in 1633 and presented in 1983 during the RS 350 year that used to be on the guardroom veranda. The original frame on which it had hung suffered weather damage over the years and the bell had dropped resulting in a crack. This has been repaired and a stout new frame constructed. The bell is now in the dining hall where it is not only sheltered from the elements but where it can be seen by those going in and out daily.

    All in all, that part of our heritage that is in the stewardship of 1 RANGER is being respected, celebrated, maintained and displayed to good effect, with the RS Museum paying close attention to its present and future.

    Lt Col W J Blythe

    1. Colonel Jim, Thanks for that informative update. Is there any possibility, once things have settled down and there is a greater understanding of what is held, that some items could be for sale to members of the Regimental family? Not important Regimental items but ones that are still interesting enough to attract sales.

      It might be better for some items to be farmed out and displayed in homes and offices rather than gathering dust in a storeroom.

      Andy Kay

      1. Good questions, Andy.

        It’s been done in the past with silver not directly relevant to the Regiment’s history, although pictures can be a different story. A challenge can be domestic wall space for paintings the size of a billiard table!

        At present, the situation is pretty much stable with the most recently returned silver soon to be put on display in new cabinets in the RS Club. A number of 1 RS and RS Museum Reserve Collection already hang the RS Club. For example the original RS350 portrait of HRH The Princess Royal is in the Club and the full length portrait of Pte MacGregor 9 RS and later Royal Flying Corps hangs in reception.

        I hope this helps answer the questions.


    2. Jim,well done and thank you and the others for sterling work and a most useful update. I am sure that the review will have been conducted in a meticulous way.

  3. GOLF- Merchants GC on the 24 Jun 22

    1 Ranger Regiment are coming over for a week’s golf prior to playing in the Infantry championships. They have offered us some tee times to play with them on the 24th Jun 22, first tee time will be at 11:00 hrs. I am looking for a minimum of 6 players, but if I get a bigger response, we will need to acquire more tee times, so if you can contact me soonest so that I can inform 1 Ranger’s how many we have playing so that they can adjust tee times.

    Cost of the golf will be £20, all other associated cost (food, beverages) will be paid for by the individual requesting it. I have two names so far. POC is

  4. HMS ALBION – SAT 4 JUN 2022

    HMS Albion will be in Leith as part of the Queens Platinum Jubilee celebrations. On Saturday 04 June the Captain has agreed to open the ship for visitors, this is a seldom available opportunity to see onboard one of the Royal Navy’s largest ships.

    Tickets are available at the link from 1000 25 May 22.Visit HMS Albion in Edinburgh Tickets, Sat, Jun 4, 2022 at 10:00 AM | Eventbrite

    There is no available onsite parking, the nearest available is Ocean Terminal shopping complex a 5 minute walk from the ship.

    Please note: This a Royal Navy working ship, whilst onboard the guests are recommended to wear sensible/ flat footwear as passage throughout the ship requires ascending fixed ladders/steps, also, ladies should wear trousers.

  5. It is with great sadness that we report the death on Wed 18 May 2022 at the age of 76 of Mr Robert Shaw, ex-1RS. Our thoughts are with his family and friends. The funeral will take place on Mon 6 Jun at Overdale Crematorium, Bolton.

  6. Looking for some advice or direct me in the right direction.

    George Thomas has been in touch with me to find out about passes for Edinburgh Castle, for him and his Swiss wife and two others who are coming over on the 10th July.

    Your help in this matter is most appreciated

    Tam Logan.

    1. Tom please see below

      Taken from the website.

      If you wish to visit the Museum, free access to Edinburgh Castle can be arranged for members of The Association and The Regimental Family by calling 0131 226 2688 or giving at least two working days’ notice. This will not allow wider access to the Castle
      Please note: there will be an answering machines on all telephone numbers out with opening hours.

      For full access to the Castle go to.

      Jim A


    Great news!
    We are delighted to let you know that the Royal Scots Museum at the castle is now open again.
    Entry to the museum is included in the castle admission. We recommend that you book your castle ticket in advance to guarantee entry at

    Bill Sutherland

  8. Please excuse me contacting you on this page as I could not find another method.
    I am looking for some help, I am trying to find information on my Farther who I have lost track of over the past years, I think he was a Lance Corporal in the Regimental Police of the Royal Scotts, all I have is a photograph, his name was Frank Douglas Morris.
    I hope you can either help or point me in the right direction.
    I am an ex Royal Regiment of Fusiliers soldier; I look forward to your reply thank you, John Morris.

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