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  1. It is with great sadness that we report the death on 21st April 2022 of William Allenby (Bill) Bruce RS 1946-1950. Our thoughts are with his widow Brenda (also widow f Lt Col Peter Ferguson RS), his family and friends. The funeral will be held at 1.30pm on Thursday 11th May 2022 at Kingsdown Crematorium, Swindon.

  2. I want to go to the Beating retreat on the 4th June but am unable to find a room in a hotel for less then £300 for the night, out with my ability to pay. Does anyone know of where I can book into a camp site for a lot less than this. I am prepared to rough it for the night in my tent!

    1. I stay in earl Haig garden eh53px it’s a military House of all are X soldier in the square where I live IV a spare room stay at mine for the night free of charge Thomas Douglas acc chairman has my mobile number UTR archie

  3. 106th Memorial Service for the Gretna Rail Disaster

    The annual memorial service will be held at Rosebank Cemetery at 1100 on Sat 21 May 2022. Gather at the entrance to the Cemetery on Pilrig Street at 1030. More details are posted on the website.

  4. It is with great sadness that we report the death on Sun 1 May 2022 of Douglas McGregor, who served in 1RS from the late 70s to mid 80s. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

  5. It is with great sadness that we report the death on 29 April 2022 of Matthew Hoggan, a long-serving member of the Royal Scots Association Pipe Band. Our thoughts are with his family and friends. The funeral will be held at 1300 on 11 May 2022 at Falkirk Crematorium, Crematorium House, Dorrator Road, Camelon, Falkirk, FK2 7YJ.

    1. I am very sorry to learn of Matt’s death. He was a very loyal and enthusiastic member of The Royal Scots Association Pipe Band. Amongst other celebrations and commemorations, Matt was a regular attended at both Rosebank Cemetery on the anniversaries of the 7 RS Gretna Rail Disaster WW1, and at Le Paradis to honour 1 RS in WW2.

  6. Royal Scots Museum
    The Museum has been closed in recent weeks for essential maintenance. While this has not yet been completed, appropriate measures have been taken so that the Museum can reopen. It is currently planned to reopen the Museum on Tue 10 May. Normal opening times in line with Castle opening times will apply.

    1. Hi David…. Thanks for that. A short note to that effect on the Museum/Heritage page of the Regimental website would be useful as would a short notice being placed on the door of the Regimental Museum (this used to be normal practice for closures in days gone by! The notice was in a frame and screwed to the door). Thank you.
      Bill Sutherland

      VE DAY
      77 years ago today Royals, their family and loved ones and the whole country, and our Allies, were celebrating the end of WW2 in Europe. But Royals were continuing to fight in the Far East, until VJ Day in August 1945.
      A visit to our Regimental website provides much more detail of The First of Foot in WW2, and personal experiences are captured in the film Scottish Soldiers Regimental Memories of World War 2, which features the personal memories of four RS WW2 veterans. This is on the website and You Tube.
      The names of those Royals who lost their lives in WW2 are listed in the virtual, interactive WW2 Roll of Honour, on the website.
      After its unavoidable closure during COVID and further delay because of a water ingress health and safety issue, as notified above our Museum in the iconic Edinburgh Castle is opening its doors to the public very shortly. A major £40k externally funded project to upgrade our post 1945 story, plus the Le Paradis 1940 display, has been completed and is well worth a visit; the Royal Regiment of Scotland displays have also been upgraded.
      Should members of our wide Regimental Family wish to visit the Museum and wish to gain free access to the Castle for the visit you are reminded that a minimum of 2 working days notice is required. Further details are on the website.
      Assistance is required with specific heritage tasks in the Museum, supporting a planned 4 day Remembrance 2022 Exhibition at Dalkeith Palace 10-13 November as well as helping with the daily opening and closing of our Museum.
      Fantastic work with both the overall Collection and the physical displays in the Museum, and carrying out research and answering enquiries, is carried out by a small really committed team of volunteers- but more volunteers are needed now. If you are interested in volunteering please don’t hang back, and do contact the Regimental Office or

  7. I attended my first reunion on Saturday and I was regally entertained by Tom Logan, Tommy Douglas and Sonny Walker (to name but a few on the table and their good ladies. It was not only my first (hopefully not my last) reunion but it was also my inaugural reunion as Willma – a female. No one asked questions as to my gender but I would have answered any that were put to me with clarity and succinctly. I was made to feel most welcome by the folks on my table, and for that I most sincerely “Thank” them all.

    Dress was compared between us ladies with such things as handbags and shoes mentioned. Photo’s were taken of all the ladies including myself.

    I Stood my round as is becoming of an Old Royal and I drank copious amounts of Whyte & Mackay. The drinks flowed in true royals tradition.

    I met a few old royals including Mark Sands and Davie Milne. I was treated excellently by all. Because it had been over 35 years since I had met them all (and everyone had changed and aged it was not= surprise to me not recognising them initially!

    Unfortunately I was unable to get a taxi back to my hotel and despondently re-entered the hall. When asked why, I explained that I could not get a taxi one of the couples (names forgotten sadly) demanded that they drive me to the hotel. For that gesture I am eternally grateful.

    The journey back to Stranraer started badly. My train from Edinburgh Park Station to Glasgow Queen St was cancelled. I therefore had to change my direction of travel by going to Waverly to get a fast train to Glasgow – but to no avail, I missed my connection at Central to Ayr by 10 minutes and therefore waited at Ayr (with no facilities) for two hours to get the next train to Stranraer – Sunday service! Glad to say that Scotrail are repaying my whole fare for the 2 hour delay in getting home.

    1. Wilma,

      It was a great night in great company and I hope that we see you again in the near future, it was also nice to see you reminiscing with old comrades as if it were yesterday. It was my wife Yvonne who gave you a lift back to the hotel and let me tell you if I was in the same position I would have been told to start hoofing it so maybe changing gender is not such a bad idea after all…….lol

      Our next ladies welcome night is the Nagpore Dinner in the Royal Scots club on the last Saturday in September so get that day in your diary and we hope you can join us there, if not before.

      Yours Aye

      Tam Douglas

  8. I may not attend many events now fir many reasons but i still have a direct debit for £10 that gets paid every month into Central Bank, My loyalties have not changed

  9. Privileged to report on a fantastic Reunion on Saturday 30th of April.Good turnout of week Kent faces.Met Dolly Gray among others.Great buffet provided by The Catering team,raffle, Entertainment,Company exceptional.Well done to both Tom Logan and Tommy Douglas on their last do as they step down.Many thanks to all who came.U.T.R.Here’s to Absent Freends.GBNF.

    Received messages from a few ex ROYALS complaining that when they visited the Castle, The Regimental Museum was closed! Could someone please post opening times and also dates that it may be closed. Thank you. Bill

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