1. Barbara Stagg

    I have written many times in the past with ref: to my late father GEORGE EDMOND WILKINSON bandsman in the 2nd Battalion Royal Scots who fought in HONG KONG and was captured Xmas Day 1941 and later survived the SINKING OF THE LISBON MARU. I was terribly disappointed to find out through COFEPOW recently that there was a memorial service in Camden London commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the incident. Considering my late father’s photo album and documentation about the incident written by him, is in your regimental Museum also that I has been invited to the events in London and Edinburgh in the past, I don’t understand why I knew nothing about this. I have also been trying to get recognition of the Battle of Hong Kong because the Canadians we awarded a specific honour for their part. I would be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction to try and achieve this and also how to be kept in the loop.

    1. Jimmy Springthorpe

      Dear Barbara, we publish events that we are aware of on this website and our Journal “The Thistle” which is also available on this site has a F of E on the back page where we publish those events. We do not contact people individually regarding events as there are so many events and many thousands of people involved. Why those who have invited you (presumably COFEPOW) to events in the past did not send you a personal invitation this time I would not know. We certainly were not involved in sending out invitations.


    ok guys and gals the FALLEN COMRADES golf is once again upon us . This year it will be held at Deer Park G/C on Sunday 13th May tee off 11 am prompt . please arrive early to give us time to collect monies , organise flights etc etc .There are buggies for those may require to get around . the usual tea/coffee bacon butties are part of the package . on this occasion I will require a Ten pound deposit per head . The cost of the outing is forty pounds minus your deposit. this is an open competition so friends are invited , so there will be a seperate winners prize for those who are not RSA . please contact me asap to let me know of your interest by the usual method ie facebook ,messenger, wotsapp. or phone or email . my e mail address is your prompt attention would be greatly appreciated. U T R . BUCK.

    1. Mick Minister

      Had a call from Deer Park they are willing to put up a prize of a free 4 ball, also American Golf have offered their sevices which may include putting lessons and putting comp early days but nice of them to offer.

  3. Jimmy Springthorpe, Tom Logan

    It is with sadness that I have to report the death on Saturday 20th Jan of Robert Euman age 97.
    Robert served as Pipe Major in the 8th Bn Royal Scots during WW2 and landed with them in Normandy.
    His funeral will take place at Borders Crematorium Rhymers Ha, Oakendean, Melrose, Roxburghshire, TD6 9HA at 1pm on Weds 31st January.

  4. Jim Anderson

    As discussed at the AGM on the 19th January 2018 amendment 1 to the Constitution and Rules was made to paragraph 7.

    It is suggested that you may like to write this your booklets in the notes section.

    A link to the page is here.

  5. The Secret Squirrel69

    Hi Everyone,glad to have been able to attend The AGM Friday at The Royal Scots Club,Oor Club.
    It was good to see some new well kent faces and conversations in catch up.Jack Alexander in particular as we swung the light on The Colquhoun Connection back in The Day with my Great Grandfather Sandie Alexander Pendrigh and His Son a Sub Mariner and Director of McLeod Street Club formerly whilst building up his Slaterer and Roofing Business in Musselburgh.His Business origins in Lauriston Place,now Student Flats and Private Residences.
    I would like to say that absences again were not other than personal circumstances etc at the A.G.M. and again it is a privilege to be in their stead among Branch and Association Members.
    Looking forward to catching up whilst improvement to my own life and re-imployment affrd me as well as forthcoming events already in my Diary able to attend.
    So The National Association is ahead of us and embrace it such,would encourage others however to communicate even the smallest news of encounters and indeed as muted at The A.G.M. information on those in need.Yu may assist in person but The Veterans Gateway alngside Poppy Scotland,SSAFA,Unforgotten Veterans and other veterans under their Umbrella might prove fruitful on contact or referal to them.
    Many of our Brothers and Widows with Regimental Family Bratz,adult kids.Simply are either Proud to carry on or just not aware of The Great Advances in both Governance and availability to The Various Pillars now established with The Veterans Gateway and all concerned coming on board in A All One Together No-One Left Behind Ethos.
    But it takes hard work often with Volanteers foot work and determinatin of The Family Regiments Ethos continuing too,IT BEING GOOD TO GIVE AS WELL AS RECEIVE,from those in Office as well as those on the fringes networking and carrying out Almoner’s work alongside normal activities.
    Simply commitment t a small part of organising an event,gathering through networking Raffle prizes or encouragement to lapsed members who so desire it to Return and Enjoy Among The Body of The Kirk in Association at their choice and pleasure within the constraints of Normal Life these days.
    I bid you all with Greatest Serenity A VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2018.
    Out Of The Blood,Into The Blood,Onto Golry With The Gallant Royal Scots(THE ROYAL REGIMENT) Calender of Events where life affords you yin and Aw!!
    Yours Aye
    The Secret Squirrel69
    Sodgering n In Positive Mental Attitude Warts and All,like Marmite.

  6. Tom Logan


    Regimental Association

    Forward Planner as at 12th Jan 2018


    3rd Feb, East of Scotland Branch Joint Burns Night


    24th Regimental Day Dinner Night


    13 – 15 weekend away (tbc)
    27th RS Assn Committee AGM (tbc)
    28th RS Annual Reunion


    13th Fallen Comrades Golf outing, Deer Park, Golf Course Rd, Livingstone
    19th Gretna Service, Rosebank Cemetery
    28th Edinburgh Branch Bowling Day


    9th Edinburgh Branch Intersection Bowling Day
    16th Northern Ireland Branch, Op Banner Memorial Golf outing
    25th Armed Forces Day
    29 – 4 July McCrae’s Battalion Trust




    1 – 7 Northern Ireland Somme Visit
    2nd Gladdy Murray Golf Outing, Haddington


    27th Edinburgh Branch Halloween Party


    24th East of Scotland Branch St Andrews Night (tbc)


    8th Edinburgh Branch Christmas Party (tbc)
    15th Northern Ireland Branch Christmas Dance

  7. Tom Logan


    Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and equally Happy New Year!!

    Time is marching on now and we are only two weeks away from our first AGM under the new constitution.

    This is just a small note to ensure that everyone has received their copy of the Notice, Accounts and Proxy form for the forthcoming AGM.

    If you haven’t yet received your forms then PLEASE READ OR DOWNLOAD THE ATTACHMENTS.

    Association AGM Notice 2017
    Association AGM Jan 2018 Proxy form
    Association Accs 30 Nov 17

    You are all strongly encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting on Friday 19th January 2018, 1900 hrs at the Royal Scots Club.

    Tom Logan

    Association Secretary

  8. Secret Squirrel69

    Want to say a big Thank You to Tam Douglas and Tom Logan fr their exquisite gift of a Regimental Colours Bow Tie.It never alludes me of the True friendships I have with members of The Regimental Family whilst operating on The Fringes promoting and networking benevolence which I have gratefully received and donated The Same in return.
    To all who beyond monetary needs at times,I thank you all for inspiring me on without changing The Great Character afforded me in upbringing by twae Wonderful Parents Joan and Jimmy Colquhoun veteran 33day Royal Scots(THE ROYAL REGIMENT)and R.A.M.C. SRN on Discharge in ADEN.Still with me and my Brothers t date.

    Lastly some more reflection from a voluntary Almoner as some are also without realising it.
    When in today’s busy schedules and commitments we are not afforded,but in condolence to attend The Farewell of A Brother,wife’s,ect Funeral Service be not left questioned but be comforted by your memories of them as yours and their love on in their great Legacy to life.The Privilege as do others see it to represent those absent is common place realistic of today’s commitments in Life and a great reflection that your Brothers and Sister Royals in attendance,small or Large numbers constitute that privilege to be in your Stead at the opportunity t d so.

    Thanks again to all who have played a valuable part in my life thus far.1st To Follow Thee,Last To Forsake Thee.Out of The Mud,Into The Blood and Onto Glory Wi The Gallant Royal Scots(THE ROYAL REGIMENT)and onwards and upwards in A BIGGER A OF ASSOCIATION.
    Until the 19th AGM,gither yer thought on improvement and ideas to bring with you as Sharing is True Caring for those of The Regimental Family unable to attend aand true benefit to That Larger A of Association we hpe to Inspire others among.
    The Secret Squirrel69

    You know where I am talk is cheap Actins Speak Larger Than Words In CAPITALS.

  9. Tom Logan


    OP Banner memorial Golf Trophy, Date is the 16th June 2018 to be held at Blackwood Golf Club, cost will be £35.00 includes Tea and Coffee on arrival and a bacon bap, range balls to loosen up with before round.

    18 holes Championship Golf on the Hamilton Course, Beverage on the 10th Tee during round (can be Tea/Coffee/Soft Drink/beer), Followed by a 1 course meal in the 19 Bar and Restaurant Post Golf, also a goody bag containing Tees/Water/Banana/Chocolate Bar/sleeve of Golf balls/ Blackwood Voucher, buggy’s can be booked as far as I know.

    More details will be made available over the next few months.

    Maxi McDonald

  10. Alex Moore

    Sorry too read about John McNicol MM
    I first met John in Osnabruck he was a storeman then and I was with
    the Mt Pln and I found him to be quiet shy and pleasant to talk to.
    I then met him at Combat Stress Hollybush House in Ayrshire in the late
    90s when the treatment I was receiving in Combat Stress in Shropshire was overbooked and was flown up to Scotland.I remember John sitting in
    the games room and we recognised each other John had not changed one bit so we had a nice week or so together.My thoughts are with family at this time.I also send my condolences to the family from Paddy Millar who also served with John.
    Alex Moore
    Southern Branch

    1. Ian McNicol

      Many thanks for your kind words Alex, and many thanks to all the Royal Scots who could make it to the funeral. John would have been truly touched by the turnout. Kind regards and best wishes to Paddy Millar.

  11. Geordie McPheat

    Very sad to hear of the passing of Billy Omand, my deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences to Ronnie and the family. Unfortunately I will be unable to make the funeral due to work commitments.
    In our thoughts and prayers, may you Rest In Peace.

  12. Tom Logan


    Can I ask all Branches and organizers for a list of all forthcoming Regimental/Branch events that you are holding in 2018/19, this will enable us to pull together a year planner for this year?

  13. Secret Squirrel69

    At the earliest convenience thought I’d communicate what I believe will be a 1st for Association Benevolence and with co-peration from willing members and The Edinburgh Branch Xmas Party as finale.
    Simply asking if members would be interested in a Royal Scots(THE ROYAL REGIMENT)Assciation 2018 Panto for kids during the day of the next confirmed Edinburgh Xmas Party at Smiths Place,Leith Ex Servicemens Club?
    With Plenty notice given and so much talent among our Regimental Family this could be an Annual Event worthy in The Bigger A of Assciation and worthy of a commitee forum to ensure it happens with taste and inclusive Skits of memories of our time on postings and family life as A Regimental Family of Gallant Royal Scots.Please E-Mail me or PM me on Facebook Messanger if prefered.Could Mick McCann and his great Team contact me to discuss the Link up of The Panto for our kids enjoyment as well as Fundraiser in Benevolence with regards tying in with The Fantastic year ending at The Edinburgh Branch Xmas Party afforded all wh are able to attend.
    Yours in anticipation and great hope of pulling this off with dignified humour and entertainment in mind.
    The Secret Squirrel69
    Jack McSinatra
    Benarty Santa
    and Almoner where required.

  14. Tom Logan


    Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and equally Happy New Year!!

    Time is marching on now and we are only two weeks away from our first AGM under the new constitution.

    This is just a small note to ensure that everyone has received their copy of the Notice, Accounts and Proxy form for the forthcoming AGM.

    If you haven’t yet received your forms then PLEASE READ OR DOWNLOAD THE ATTACHMENTS.

    Association AGM Notice 2017
    Association AGM Jan 2018 Proxy form
    Association Accs 30 Nov 17

    You are all strongly encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting on Friday 19th January 2018, 1900 hrs at the Royal Scots Club.

    Tom Logan

    Association Secretary

  15. Eric Taylor


    Does anyone know what became of one Big Stevie Bateman? Andy Christie describes him as a big englishman who was with the Regiment in Werl (this is after my time and I finished in 79 and I remember his name). Rumour has it Stevie passed away a number of years ago can anyone confirm / refute this ? Thought is Stevie returned to Lancashire to either the Blackpool or Blackburn area after his Army days finished ? Any info on the correct spelling of his Christian name or full name, age etc would greatly assist in finding out what became of him.

    Eric Taylor

    1. Tam Douglas

      Hi Eric,

      Stevie was Charlie Company MT Rep when you came back to the Btn in 1978, he had just left 8plt to take over from Tam Sneddon, an ex-Cameronian T.A. man who came from Lancashire he was a good pal of mine and I also would like to know what happened to him after he left the army.

    2. Robert Dyet

      Hi Eric, He has been on the RoH as a fallen but to date I have no confirmation as to when or if it is true or not. Would be interested in knowing so I can move hime on or off the Roll. Regards Bob.

  16. Ian McNicol

    Cpl John Daniel McNicol MM (Radfan) Died Peacefully at Western General Hospital 20th December 2017 aged 77. Beloved husband of the late Veronica McNicol (née Giordano). Funeral at Mortonhall Crematorium, Tuesday 9th January, 2.30pm. All friends and auld soldiers are invited to attend. Family flowers only please. Donations to Cancer Research UK may be given at the service.

    1. Andy Kay

      I am saddened to hear of John’s death. My thoughts go to the family. Another Royal gone.

      Andy Kay

  17. Andy kyle

    Just a reminder to all central branch members that we have a meeting on Sunday 7 January 2018 .And to everyone have a great New year do not get to drunk .Ha.Ha All the best to everyone Up The Royals……..

  18. Ronnie Omand

    The Funeral of Billy Omand is on Tuesday 09/01/2018 at 12.00 Mortonhall Cremetorium Edinburgh.

    1. Franny Goodwin

      Hi Ronnie,

      I am very sorry to read about the passing of your brother Billy, my thoughts are with you all at this sad time

      Rest In Peace Billy


  19. admin

    Notification for the funeral of Billy Omand have now been released. The funeral will take place on Tuesday 9th Jan 2018 in Mortonhall Crematorium at 12pm. RIP Billy. Gone but not forgotten.

  20. Alex Moore

    Cheers Danny and Jean,the same too you and all the Royals
    who know me.
    And too my old pal Paddy Millar all the best mate,I have been told
    he will be in hospital over the Xmas period so I send my regards to
    his family as well.
    From Alex Moore
    Southern Branch

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