1. Tom Logan


    The Association Annual General Meeting will be held on FRIDAY 20th OCTOBER.

    Location The Royal Scots Club, Abercromby Place, Edinburgh

    Time 1930hrs sharp

    A buffet will be served after the meeting curtsey of the Royal Scots Club.
    Full attendance at this meeting would be most appreciated

  2. Jimmy Springthorpe

    Have read the couple of comments ref The Louden Trophy. As Chairman of the Association I can say now that we will not be discussing the future of the Louden Trophy. It’s not our place to do so. The Louden trophy and all that it entails belongs to 1 SCOTS.

  3. Alex Moore

    Sorry too hear about your sad loss,my thoughts are with you
    and the family,I only just saw it on the website 2 days ago.
    Alex Moore
    Southern Branch

    1. Alex Moore

      On a different note Paddy Miller has told me too tell the Forum
      that he is doing well,and that he has joined the UDR Association.
      Chin up pal!!!
      From Alex wee Tam and the lads from the Southern Branch.


    Thank you to all those who sent their condolences on the loss of our son Martin. We were overwhelmed with the cards, messages, letters and flowers which was of great comfort to Jean and I in our darkest hour. Martin had a great send off from family, friends and about 30 Gunner mates and the same amount of Fire Fighters. RIP son, gone but never forgotten.


    Eck, I agree with you that the Louden Trophy should be administered by the RS Association. I organised this event several times and there was always great interest in the event.

  6. Tom Logan


    East of Scotland Branch will hold its next meeting on Saturday 23rd September at Prestonpans British Legion, starting sharp at 1930hrs.

  7. Tom Logan

    East of Scotland Branch would like to welcome its newest member in the name of Allan Bold from Athelstaneford.

    Allan served with the Battalion from 1979 till 1995.

    Allan served in A, B and FS Company.

  8. Tom Logan

    East of Scotland Branch would like to welcome its newest member in the name of William Watt from Lamington.

    William served with the Battalion from 1979 till 1987.

  9. Admin

    UPDATE – Funeral details have now been sent to the Regimental Office for Wullie Bertram who passed away on 1st September 2017 after a long illness. This will take place on Tuesday 19th September 2017 at Agecroft Cemetery, Salford Manchester @ 15.00hrs. If any Royal who is not attending the Capt Reynolds VC wishes to attend and represent the Regiment, it would be very much appreciated. RIP Wullie

  10. Eck Wind

    Thanks for the swift reply, I’m positive, my rank and details were known , unfortunately the so called golden thread of ex Royals has swiftly dwindled away over the years , I believe there are two ex Royals SNCO, s left there and I m led to believe it was a REME guy who was organising it this year

  11. Eck Wind

    Looking for feedback and other people’s thoughts on a suggestion that the louden trophy should be run by the RS association instead of 1 SCOTS , I believe the louden was recently run over in Belfast , and for the sixth year running my invitation was lost in the post,
    I think personally the whole ethos of a memorial event for the late john louden has been lost , and Royal Scots should take ownership of this and organise it as it once was,
    Looking forward to hearing and having discussions for and against this,

    1. admin

      Eck, thank you for your input. Definitely one to be considered and it will be put forward to the General Committee for discussion. I know it is a long shot, but have you checked 1 SCOTS have your information and rank on leaving?

    2. Tom Logan

      Eck, Thanks for your input regarding the Louden Trophy, I have your details of your comment, which will be discussed at the next Quarterly Meeting of the General committee.

  12. Tom Logan

    Regimental Association Annual General Meeting

    The Honorary Secretary Mr T Logan and Honorary Treasurer Mr P Robertson will be putting themselves forward for re-election at the Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment) Association Annual General Meeting on Friday 20th October.

    Anyone wishing to put themselves forward for the above post must submit a letter in writing to the Chairman of the Regimental Association stating which office and why you would be the right person for that post.

    Letters must be submitted by Monday 25th September.

  13. Tom Logan

    East of Scotland Branch would like to welcome its newest member in the name of Andy Shearer from Tranent.

    Andy served with the Battalion from Nov 79 till July 2012 in FS Coy.

  14. Admin

    It is our sad duty to inform you all of the passing of Wullie Bertram. No further information is available at this time, but will be posted once notified. RIP

  15. Jim Anderson


    Central Branch were the overall winners of the Gladdy Murray Trophy 2017 with a combined score of 151 points.
    East of Scotland Branch were the runners up with a combined score of 124 points.
    Edinburgh came in with a respectful score of 111 points.

    Individual scores are as follows:

    N Martin 43 pts
    A Shearer 41 Pts
    D Cumming 39 Pts
    D Milne 36 Pts
    B McGeachie 33 Pts
    L Gillick 32 Pts
    R Cairns 31 Pts
    A Fitzpatrick 30 Pts
    W Hutchinson 30 Pts
    J Blyth 29 Pts
    P McAllister 29 Pts
    E Yule 29 Pts
    A Kyle 28 Pts
    S Crawford 27 Pts
    A Sneddon 27 Pts
    C McGhie 26 Pts
    M Doig 20 Pts
    I Kinnear 20 Pts
    J McConnell 16 Pts
    A Jeans 08 Pts
    T Logan 03 Pts

    Kind Regards


  16. Jim Anderson


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    1. James Valentine

      F A O ALL

      I have got one of the D D S cards and would not be without it now it cost me £5 pounds but you get the back 100 fold + with all the discounts you get from home items to computers and cars and even on meals out so if you don’t have one apply you can even get discounts on holidays and cruises.

      Go Get One. James Valentine.

  17. Rab & Mags Cumming &Family

    So very sorry to hear of your sad loss we are thinking about you all

  18. Jungle Jim

    Well done the Gladdy Murray golfers, especially the orgaisers and all others who made it a grand day.

  19. Secret Squirrel69

    This should be emulated by The Central Branch with George their Kohima Veteran Royal Scots(THE ROYAL REGIMENT) of 94yrs.Just an observation after speaking to him and his lovely carer his daughter a Sister Royal Bratz grown up in Honour and Glory.

    Out Of The Mud,Sands,Myre of many Conflicts,Into The Blood Of our Fallen and Enemies past,present and future,Onto Glory Wi “THE GALLANT ROYAL SCOTS(THE ROYAL REGIMENT) Among The Dirty Dozen of The Scottish Division and The Wider Military Family without prejudice but common Family style healthy rivalry All One Together.Lest We Forget All Gave Somme,Somme Gave All to this day 384yrs+,That has to go recognised surely with these distinguished veterans longevity in Loyalty and Reputations as Old And Bold as we that are left grow old Naw???.
    Slainte Mhath.
    Live,Love and Laugh,Swing The Light with them.
    Stu Colquhoun69

  20. Jim Anderson

    East of Scotland Branch News has been updated, a small snippet added.

    Branch Honouree Member, The Branch members made George Simpson 97 years young an honouree member of the Branch, George who is now house bound, served with Royals, fought in Dunkirk was wounded with shrapnel in his thigh, which he still has to this day, George was also a POW during the War.

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