1. Jack and Judith.

    Dear Danny and Jean,
    We are very sad to hear of the loss of your son.You are both in our thoughts.
    Take care.

  2. Andrew Kay

    To Danny and Jean
    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts will be with you both.



    It is with great regret that I announce that our son Martin McMeechan died at the age of 46 on 22 August. Martin was born into the Royal Scots until aged 15 when he joined the Gunners and served for 12 years. RIP son, your demons have gone.

    1. Jimmy Springthorpe

      so very sad. Please accept and pass my condolences to Jean.

    2. Admin

      Condolences to Danny and Jean from all at the Regimental Office. You are in our thoughts and prayers. RIP Martin.

    3. The Secret Squirrel69

      Condolences Danny and Jean at The Loss of your son and Regimental Brother.My Thoughts are with you both at this sad time.Taken so son.God Bless You Both.
      Stu Colquhun69.

  4. Jim Anderson

    The Thistle Vol 31 – Summer 2017 has now been published and is in the post to all recipients, you can now read online or download a copy from

    Deadline for any entries for Winter 2017 edition of The Thistle is the 1st Dec 2017, please forward submissions or newsletters from all Royal Scots Branches and photos including names of person within as well as the name of the photographer, to or

  5. mike mccann

    Any member of the Edinburgh branch wanting to attend the Nagpore Autumn dinner please bring your money along to the meeting on friday night at the Ex Service Men’s Club as the branch will subsidise £5 per ticket, remember its a couples night so we are hoping to sell as many tickets as possible.

  6. Admin

    GLADDY MURRAY GOLF TROPHY – ATTENTION!!!!!!!!! Anyone intending to come along and play at this event…….if you have not already given your name to either Dave Milne or Liz Kyle, please do so before Friday night. We need to confirm how many tee off timings required. This event has always proved popular in the past, so let’s see how well it is attended this year!!

  7. Kenny Hogg

    Just been talking to Col Bill Brewsher who popped into my work for a meeting.
    Never knew him as before my time. he left in 65 but lots of people he mentioned i did know.

  8. Secret Squirrel69

    Like to Take This earliest convenience to Wish Our Colonel In Chief H.R.H. Princess Anne,The Princess Royal Happy Birthday Salutations Mam.Lang May yer Lums Reek among Our Regimental Family and extended Association,1st To Follow Thee,Last To Forsake Thee in Honour and Virtue of The Same Loyalty To H.M. The Queen and Britain as First Of Foot of The British Infantry Line.
    Out Of The Mud( Myre Of N.I. Sands of Kuwait,Iraq and Afganistan),Into The Blood(Of Our Fallen and Enemies),Onto Glory With “THE GALLANT ROYAL SCOTS(THE ROYAL REGIMENT)alongside The RRS and extended Military Family in Defence Of FAITH FROM WHOM IN GOD WE TRUST!!
    Yours Fraternally
    Stewart A Colquhoun 69
    The Secret Squirrel69
    Without Prejudice
    H.M. Obedient Servant
    Up The Royals.

  9. Secret Squirrel SI JE PUIS69

    Hi to The extended Regimental Family as our awareness of distinguised Veterans such as Tam Kelly 94yrs Kohima Survivr and very Proud Royal Scots (THE ROYAL REGIMENT)SPORTING A treasured Regimental Colours Tie after forking out £160 for Staff style tailored Trews and adjustmnet to his Regimental Blazer and his Daughter and carer suggesting he might be over dressed with THE vicars and Tarts team.Tam is a sprightly 94YRS Youngs Royals Veteran and can mve amng the best O’ The Young yins on The Booze Cruise and Aspires to 100~+ years of life and a Telegram from H.M.The Queen or H.M’S successor if so be the case.John Sands Board Of Trustees will touch base with yu Jimmy Springthorpe as to how we afford Tam better awareness of The Regimental Family Gatherings outside Inverness where he resides in fairly good health Gallant to The Day and Proud Royal Scots(THE ROYAL REGIMENT)Quarter Guard remaing in oor midst.A VVIP visit to The Royal Scots Club funded by all Branches for such a unique Character deserves and his Daughter’s duty of Care as his Companion Carer.Such Stories of Kohima after speaking with him is the likes Legion Scotland seek to record Lest We Forget this already absent period as Time goes on.Thankyou to Tam Cornwall and Cammie and all involved in organising A Wonderful Booze Cruise which saw The auld stomping ground The Fluke overcome by various Clergy and Disorder f Nuns amng some cnfused Rangers Supporters comiserating their Loss to Hibs and Cardinal Cornwall coincidently sporting a Hibernian Coloured Cassock and Mitre.l.o.l.Harmony was excellent and worth every penny of a modest £20 ticket purchase.Memories are made of This.Aw One Together Folks collectively and apart we aw have individual Stories but “GALLANT ROYAL SCOTS(THE ROYAL REGIMENT) AW THE SAME.Get well wishes too my too Almoner visit recipients Patrick McCairn and James “Jimmy Gillespie” both awaiting results and Pat further Surgery yet in Strong Spirit in the face of recurring health issues.U.T.R.Missing from Regimental Family Action until oppertune Re-Org at such gatherings.Let it be you,Lest We Forget Out Of The Mud(Sands myre of N.I. Etc)Into The Blood(Of Our Fallen and Enemies)Onto Glory Wi “THE GALLANT ROYAL SCOTS(THE ROYAL REGIMENT) ASSOCIATION ACROSS THE GLOBE AND AMONG THE BIGGER PICTURE THE VETERAN COMMUNITY OF OUR STILL SERVING MILITARY FAMILY.
    Stu warts and Aw Proud Veteran Royal Scots(THE ROYAL REGIMENT)Rtd Cpl R.S.I. Mess Supervisor qualified L/Cpl 1985-1998.
    Live,Love and Laugh we are only Human After All!!

    1. Admin

      Stu, the Tam Kelly you refer to is actually George Edmondson and resides in Whitburn and is a member of Central Branch as is his daughter!

      1. Secret Squirrel69

        Apologies Tam mistook yer calling on Pam Tam Logan at the time of George Edmondson’s departure with his daughter as being he apologies anither dementia senior moment in the thaws O’ Passion for The Gallant Royals Annul. No as bad as mistaking his daughter as being his guid lady wife though apologies immediately given and laughter ensued Bro Tam Douglas.Thanks again for assistance in co-ordinating my attendance alongside others heading North.
        YINCE a Royal Aye A Royal.Slanj!

  10. Jimmy Springthorpe

    On 25 Aug 17 the Symphonic Brass Ensemble of the Band of the RAF Regiment will be giving a concert at St.Cuthbert’s Church, Lothian Road, EH1 2EP at 1300.
    The programme will include an arrangement of the Finale from Saint-Saens’ Organ Symphony and music by Terry Johns.
    You are all invited to attend.
    The concert is part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and entry is free to all with a retiring collection for Service charities.

  11. Admin

    It is our sad duty to inform all that on 2nd Aug 2017, Andy Norcliffe passed away peacefully at the Marie Curie Hospice, Edinburgh, Andy, born March 18, 1947, ex miner, served twenty two years with the Royal Scots – RCT, then with LRT before retiring. Will be sadly missed by all his family, grandchildren and friends. RIP. A celebration of Andy’s life will take place at Mortonhall Crematorium, Main Chapel, on Monday, August 14, at 1 pm, to which all are welcome. Family flowers only please, however, donations if desired to Marie Cure Hospice, Edinburgh.

    1. L.E.H.B.

      Berets off…!
      ………………….from us old in The Royal Life Guard Dragoons Rgt. His Majesty The King of Swedens own.

      “We never forget the Green Brigade”

    1. Jimmy Springthorpe

      James. it is at the printers and you should have it by the end of the month.

  12. Lyn Sutherland

    This message is sent on behalf of my husband, Bill Sutherland


    I would appreciate if someone could confirm or otherwise that Regimental Day for 1 SCOTS is 1 August. If it is, could someone explain how this come about. Many thanks.

    1. Jimmy Springthorpe

      Lyn for Bill.
      28 March is Regimental day for both The Royal Scots and The Royal Regiment of Scotland.
      1st August – Minden Day was the day that The Royal Scots and KOSB formed The Royal Scots Borders and is often referred to as Formation Day by them.
      Hope this helps.

      1. Lyn Sutherland

        Hi Jim, Thanks for your reply. For clarification….is Regimental Day for 1 SCOTS 1st August? As an example, my understanding is that 2 SCOTS celebrate Assaye Day as their Regimental Day and so on for each of the Regular Battalions…. Apologies for being a nuisance…. I know how busy you are. Bill

  13. Tom Logan


    The next meeting of East of Scotland Branch will take place on Saturday 26th August, 1930hrs at the Rockville House Hotel British Legion at Joppa. “ALL WELCOME”

    1. Jimmy Springthorpe

      there is only one Regimental Day 28 March. Bn’s celebrate the anniversary of battle(s). As you say 2 Scots celebrate Assaye and 1 Scots celebrate Minden.

  14. Secret Squirrel69

    At my earliest Convenience and duplication as such on Royal Scots(THE ROYAL REGIMENT)Facebook.
    I would like to Thank Mick McCann,Eddie Welsh,Jimmy Laws,Mags Allan and Shirley McCann as too Coach Mark Doig for Saturday’s past Bowling invitation hosted by The Marvelus Treasured Tramways Bowling Club.
    Weel Kent faces and if ye havenae tried the auld stuffed shirt Bowling as it’s wrongly referred to dinnae knock it until ye try it.Yep even at a dislexic 35yrs I had lots of fun learning a new skill.Most importantly new people and Fantastic social and interactive staff at Te Treasured Tramways Bowling Club.Along with Charlie Green a former colleague and friend of My Uncle Colin Colquhoun whom I passed on Charlie’s kind regards (21a skills coming to the fore again).
    What was evident was even with the diversity and divisive social scene with work,Family and circumstances financial often precluding us from The Regimental Events throughout the year these and indeed others are all inclusive often not documented in our Annals on Thistle Pages.
    Indeed this late introduction to the versatility afforded our Branches proved more work can be done to secure that continued Family Regiment Ideology and extention to it in Networking outwith The Royal Scots Club,Smyth’s Place Ex Servicemens Club,Legion Scotland Branches and other outlets and venues associated with Us as a Regimental far Flung Family.
    In a nut shell if afforded you an oppertunity to meet in small pockets of The Wider Military Family in expansion as well as catch up with Family friends better seen rather than at Last Farewell to a Family Member or indeed Colleagues or Oor Gallant Selves As weel kent Characters in oor ain Communities as support gets cut again with V.I.P,Veterans 1st Point and The Political Stage fills with “IT WISNAE ME LEST WE FORGET IT WAS THAT AUSTERITY REGIMENT THAT DRIVE DESKS IN INCOMPETENCE AND ARROGANCE OF WITHOUT CONTRACT CONTINUED PRIVILEGED LIFESTYLE WHILST ITHERS WAIN!!”
    The Bigger “A” Of Association is there for all to seize The Day and come on board indeed for some back on board.No Man nor Woman(Sorry Mum Ladies) are a Mountain but climbing it like our Almoners recently is achievable with maximum input shared responsibility and a realistic attitude to grow that which has been implanted since 1633 and remains often dormant too long today.
    Visit these pages and add opinion good or bad debate is healthy without communication too many faw oot The Safety Net of Association surviving Benevolence we all contributed to and what goes around should come around for The Good Of All,not The Privilege of those already privileged by our Service to Command their position in All our Regimental Lives,Leat We Forget All GAVE SOME,SOME GAVE ALL,The remainder All still giving and if worthy should receive that they might continue to GIVE with confidence of that FAIR Recognition to Sacrifices O’ PAST ENDEAVOURS!!OUT OF THE MUD(SANDS),INTO THE BLOOD(O’ ENEMIES AND OOR FALLEN),ONTO GLORY IN FAITH WI THE GALLANT ROYAL SCOTS(THE ROYAL REGIMENT)AND THE BIGGER PICTURE THE WIDER VETERANS COMMUNITY WE TRUST AND SHARE DISJOINTED AT TIMES BUT TIGITHER AS ONE.
    Thank You to Justin McKenzie and Bianca for sharing their visit to their other Home with us too at the start of a membrable weekend which ended in my Dad Jimmy Colquhoun former 33days Royal Scots recruit then RAMC Rtd in Discharge in Aden 80th Pertee at Westburn,Morvenside on Sunday.U.T.R.Keepers of The Annuls.Slainte!

  15. Jim Anderson

    Dear All

    As with last year security for the Cenotaph Parade and Act of Remembrance will be tight. The Royal British Legion has now called for names which must be filed with the RBL in the required form no later than 15 September. Details of the Remembrance Weekend will be circulated in due course but in the meantime I need to know who wishes to join this year’s march.

    Using the attached schedule please let me have your details by no later than 1 September so that I can compile the list to go in to RBL. Please note that if your response is late RBL will NOT accept late applications as we found out last year. You will be pleased to hear that this year if you are in a wheelchair you may be accompanied by a carer as a pusher.

    Best wishes to all

    Application Form PDF format

    Application From Excel Format

    Royal Scots Association, Southern Branch

  16. Andy kyle

    Just a reminder to all central branch members that the next monthly meeting is Sunday 27th August 2017 and not the first Sunday of the month 6th August 2017. See you all there. Up The Royals..

  17. Elaine Brady

    I’m trying to find an old friend Robert McCabe Was in the Royal Scots based in Edinburgh round about 1983 and was Posted to Germany I lost touch with him

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