1. Stevie Murphy

    Further to my last post it may help to know the time…… 1600 hours Thursday 23rd November.

  2. Stevie Murphy

    Rab Keannies funeral will take place on Thursday 23rd November at Seafield Cemetery. I know its short notice but the Service Manager was asking if anyone knows a piper that would be available. Can you please get in touch with me if anyone can get a piper 075 868 282 10. Can we please share this information so Rab gets the send off he deserves.

    Thanks everyone.

  3. Jimmy Carlisle

    So Sad to hear about Rab, he was a gent. Soft spoken, but spoke well of everyone. Wish I was closer to attend.

  4. Stevie Murphy

    Eck Wind totally agree with your comments. My invitation over the last 8 years must have been lost in the post also. Can you get in touch Eck.

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