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Posted on 26 Sep 2016 by secret squirrel69

Great privilege to have been in the Company of so many Royal Scots Veterans and Association Members and to take up the concession offer at Mussleburgh Race Course Support your Services Race Day 2016.Andy Keane Drummie 1st on the meet up list,Jungle Jim next organising the smooth running of our part in the day.Sat in the company of namesake Jamie Colquhoun alongside his Good Lady and wife to be Lexi Gilmartin,their guests,Pamela Elliot,Joe McCamley,Stu Aitken,oor Tam and Yvonne Douglas and Granddaughter,wee Harry wright,Tam Cornwall and Mark Strudwick and his wife.Andy Kyle. Apologies if I have missed anybody,oops Fitzy Fitzsimmons.Many Civilians and stall holders from other services.Anyone who has never been Association Member or not give it thought such a Refreshing Day Out after a chaotic day in the office for some.Twenty Pounds weel spent and the free burger to die for.Afterwards enjoyed escorting Joe McCamley back to Barracks at The Rockville Hotel Portobello RBLS another stop point I recommend for anyone having to stay over.Great Company and a memory to cherish.U.T.R.On tour Slainte Mhath!! Stu Colquhoun Secret Squirrel69

Posted on 25 Sep 2016 by Paul Robertson

The Central Branch are Hosting a charity football match in Aide of Combat Stress.

The Teams are Cross 108, a local team From Whitburn and a Team made up of Serving and Ex Serving members of HM Forces. We are still looking for anyone wishing to play or have a cameo 5 (five) mins, all are welcome.

The match will be played at King George Park, Whitburn, EH47 0ER.

Kick Off Sat 1st Oct 13:00. The game will be Refereed by our very own Charlie MacVicar. Strips will be provided just bring your own Footwear.

Anyone wishing to pre book a place or If you fancy getting yourself in the papers and play a big part, for a good cause. you can contact Derrick on 07412348898 or Paul on 07523878275. Copy & Paste on to your own Facebook Account.

Posted on 22 Sep 2016 by Jim Green

RIP Keith Robinson. ex 6 Scots . 06/08/68 - 18/09/16.

Posted on 19 Sep 2016 by Stefaan Coign

I am writing from Belgium ; so first of all, excuse my non-perfect English. But I am searching (deperately) for a certain Charles L.E. Groth, who has served in 'The Royal Scots' in WW.II . His date of birth was almost certainly : 10/06/1925. He had a brother John (1929) and a sister Barbara (1932). Their mother named Jessie Groth. In 1945 this family lived in London (Sandringham Avenue - S.W.20). This Charles has fighted in France and Belgium. My aunt - who died recently - was in correspondance with him immediately after the war, and I found these letters with quiet interesting historical contents. So I would like to come in contact with his descendants, or - in the absence of those - with the descendants of his brother (John) or sister (Barbara). I did already some superficial research on internet, but without concrete results ; as you have to pay for "ancestor-finding-sites". Can someone please help me by searching for this person (and family), or give me some specific information ?? I would very much appreciate!!

Posted on 16 Sep 2016 by Tom Logan

FUNERAL DETAILS FOR SUSAN CLANCY The Funeral of the late Susan Clancy will take place at 3.00 pm on Monday 26th September at Seafield Crematorium Edinburgh.

Posted on 12 Sep 2016 by secret squirrel69

Thoughts with Bro Royal Sean Clancy and Family at this Sad Time the loss of a character such as Susan Clancy Sean's Wife and Mother to their children will be felt by many of The Regimental Family as well as Friends.Sleep Sister Royal save a seat at Heaven's Table for us all.God Bless Stu Colquhoun69.

Posted on 11 Sep 2016 by Jacky Nash

I have been lucky enough to receive a Somme Pin which is dedicated to the life of Private W Smith of the Royal Scots (Service number 7253) who died on 17th November 1916 and is commemorated at Euston Road Cemetery, Colincamps. I would be very interested to hear any further details of Private Smith, although I appreciate that Smith is not going to be an easy name to trace. Many thanks for any help

From Admin: 2 records found and sent by email

Posted on 8 Sep 2016 by secret squirrel69

Thanks Tam Logan tickets for support your services race day Mussleburgh Race course 25th September 2016.Are we wearing tartan suits pre St Andrews Nicht following month? Will call you nearer the time arrange sleepover if possible Bro? Hopefully guid turnout great value and discount,hope weather as last year.U.T.R.Race Goers.Slainte Mhath!!Stu Colquhoun.

Posted on 6 Sep 2016 by Tony Reid

Can anyone give me address,contact details of Tam O'Hara. I am going on a cruise to Australia and New Zealand next month. I would love to meet up with him. Grateful if you can help. Tony

Posted on 5 Sep 2016 by Tom Logan


To get your discount tickets at discounted prices, 37pounds reduced to 20 pounds for entry and a free beer and burger, but not Totes.

1. Go to

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3. Add RoyalReg2016 into the offer code area and press update.

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Great privilege to have been in the Company of so many Royal Scots Veterans and Association…

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