Warriors is an event in the Fringe. Performances are scheduled for 1700 – 1815 on 4-6 Aug and 8 -13 Aug at the Drill Hall, 89 East Claremont Street, Edinburgh.

Event description –

A new musical, written by serving Scottish soldiers and veterans, about their own experiences as young soldiers. They have just been posted to Colchester as part of 16 Air Assault Brigade. The soldiers have only recently passed their infantry training, at which they developed strong friendship bonds. They are about to head off to Afghanistan for a six-month tour of Helmand Province. Using a mixture of modern contemporary music, drama, video/DVD and pictures, Warriors shows how these Scottish soldiers deal with life – from training and relationships at home to the fast pace of operations away from loved ones.

Warriors, including all the music and lyrics, was written by Danny Muir (ex A Coy 6 SCOTS) and Captain Alex (Del) Shannon (ex 1 RS & 1 SCOTS).   The term Warriors is a name Del had given to 1 RS / 1 SCOTS soldiers whilst writing the story, and the story content is loosely based on his life experiences in 1 RS. 

This show offers an opportunity for UK HM Forces, whether regular, reserves or veterans, and the civilian community within the UK to experience a perspective on military life  through the Warriors production.  This production for a worldwide audience will showcase 1 RS and 1 SCOTS Regimental history and culture with pride.

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