The RS373 Team will create a museum display at Dalkeith Palace in the period 4 – 8 Nov 2023 to raise awareness of Remembrance. Please see details below.

THE EXHIBITION  The Royal Scots Museum will hold a temporary exhibition at Dalkeith Palace during Remembrance Week 4 – 8 November.  Its aim is to illustrate the importance of Remembrance, especially of Royal Scots fallen, concentrating on the period from the Boer War right up to 2006.  The exhibition will also cover the role of Dalkeith Palace in two World Wars and refers to the Lord Henry Scott who served in the 3rd Militia Battalion The Royal Scots during the Boer War and was a founding father of The Royal Scots War Memorial Club.  Partners in the exhibition also include the Dalkeith Museum, The Royal Scots Club, Poppyscotland, Royal Scots historical re-enactors, National Records Scotland and others.  The target audience includes the good folk of Dalkeith, Midlothian and beyond.  Organised visits by local schools are also scheduled.  The exhibition will be followed by our annual Royal Scots Remembrance events at the Glencorse Memorial Gates, the Regimental Monument in Princes Street Gardens and others throughout the Regimental area.  

PONTIUS PILATES BODYGUARD VOLUNTEERS In order to ensure success, we are assembling a body of Pontius Pilates Bodyguard Volunteers to act as guides – and we need a few more. Although it would be ideal for all PPBG Volunteers to be available for the whole period, a day or two here and there would be equally welcome. This request is directed at all Old Royals, most having served in the Regiment from the 1960s onwards and who will be familiar with much of the subject matter from personal experience.