1. To whom it may concern,

    Have recently found out about the disaster due to an old photograph album given me by my aunt who passed away 2018. There is a photograph of a soldier. According to my family whom I have met at the same time ( I grew up in South Africa and my father who was born in Glasgow did not keep in touch with his family ) his name is David Welsh and apparently died / survived the Gretna Rail disaster.

    I am hoping you may have information. I looked through the list on the site but could not find his name. My great-grandfather on my father’s side was Patrick Welsh. He was janitor at the Holy Cross Academy in Edinburgh. I know he was married and had two daughters: Katherine Welsh (my grandmother) and Mary.

    I am assuming David was a son or younger brother. But do not have much information to go on as my cousin has dementia. It is through my cousin’s I found the name and would like to know.

    I hope you may assist or could you let me know where else I may look.

    Sincerely, Alison Cooney.
    I live in the Netherlands

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