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  1. N.I Branch are deeply saddened by the loss of our member Paul Poustie our thoughts and condolences are with Joanne and the wider family circle at this sad time
    RIP Paul

  2. Danny,

    Many thanks for letting us all know.

    The travelling party to Vancouver Island for the Canadian Scottish Centennial will remember Steve Kelly well.

    Post 2006, Pipe Major Bill Robertson composed (I think) two tunes and forwarded them to the then HHQ RS. As I recall, one of them was titled “A Salute to The Royal Scots”. They are lodged in the Museum Library.

    Bill Sutherland’s recollect of this is almost certainly better than mine.

    Best wishes,


    1. I was in regular contact with ex Pipe Major Bill Robertson, having visited him and his wife Eleizabeth when we were in Aukland visiting Lyn’s brother. Would have been around 1996/1997. We were invited to Bill and Elizabeth’s house for lunch and we were given a tour of Aukland by Bill. We have exchanged Christmas cards annually and Bill used to send me a diary depicting scenes of New Zealand. His daughter Rhona played Badminton for the NZ National Team. I did not know he was ill and I am deeply shocked to hear of his death. We spoke on the phone less than 6 months ago and he seemed well. His wife Elizabeth died around 4 or 5 years ago. He was quite an authority in the Piping world and donated a number of Piping memorabilia to both the Regiment and the Piping School over the years. He will be sadly missed – I have lost a great friend. RIP Bill Robertson.

    I have received information from Steve Kelly, Pipe Sergeant in Osnabrück, now residing on Vancouver Island of the death of Bill Anderson.

    Pipe Major Bill served in the Bn in the late 40s and served in Korea. Very little of his life is known after discharge but he settled in New Zealand where he died aged 88 this month. He is survived by his daughter Rhona and his obituary was published in the New Zealand Herald on 27 June.

    RIP Bill. Thank you for your service to our country and Regiment.

    The Chairman of Regimental Trustees, Brig George Lowder has asked me to pass on his greetings to the Regimental Family on this Armed Forces Day. “Like everyone else I am disappointed that AFD 2020 had to be cancelled and I know it is particularly frustrating for those of you who would have been on parade in Edinburgh or indeed viewing the parade. I have always enjoyed marching along with so many proud Royals and I hope that we will turn this disappointment around next year and parade in even greater strength than we have done in the past”. UTR,

  5. Today 15th June 2020 Henry Duthie MBE, ” BIG HENRY, ” died aged 97. Henry with his regiment the Royal Scots fought over a strategic hill in France against the Panzer Division. After an extremely hard battle they broke through and Karl Steinbach of the Panzer group said it was like Hell breaking loose and we had not time to reload when this powerful force was on us and we had no option but surrender quickly.

    Karl never forgot that dramatic time and Henry and Karl became great friends after the war and that lasted until recently. Henry was a character and earned the title of Mr Fraserburgh for the immense charity work he had done over his lifetime. He met the Queen and gave her a guided tour of his home town in 1991. He will be sadly missed for the great man he was and a true veteran and a right ROYAL SCOT.

    Jim Taylor

  6. I have been asked to post the following on the RS Guestbook:

    Dear family and friends of the 1st Bn Royal Scots Regiment

    It is with a very heavy heart that I have to pass on the following information.

    Pete “Pearo” Pearson, formerly Signals Platoon, sadly lost his brave battle against cancer 17:00hrs Sunday 14th June.

    Our thoughts go out to his wife Nicola, and kids Chris & siobhan and their extended family.

    Nicola and the family ask for some privacy at this time.

    If you want to send a card to them, please PM for the address.

    Thank you.
    Wee Pat McCairn

    1. The Regimental Association sends their Deepest Condolences to the family of the late Peter Pearson “Pearo” all our thoughts and Prayers are with you all at this difficult and sad time.

      RIP PEARO.

    2. I have fond memories of Pearo including one during training at Otterburn, pulling fish out of the burn using an A41 four foot whip with a loop of wire on the end. We ate well! Condolences to the Pearson family.

    3. My most sincere condolences to “Pearo’ Pearson’s family. He was absolutely excellent soldier and leader and a truly great man.

    4. I have just found out the sad news of the passing of Pearo from my brother Tommy, what a great guy he was, we met up in Aberdeen about 4 years ago and shared a few memories, my thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this very sad time.

      Rest In Peace Pearo

  7. Regardless of colour

    On the Royal Scots Facebook page the image below has now reached 19,499 people, We thank you for your support

  8. Change.Org

    Maximum Automatic penalties for people who damage Military Memorials

    Calling on all Members of the Armed Forces Community – Following our latest round of open terrorism on the Streets of the United Kingdom, and the damaging and desecration of our War Memorials, we would like to see automatic, full sentencing carried out to people that are filmed, bragging about, or inciting others to get involved in the damage in any form. In 2019 this was debated now lets see some proper protection put in place for our Military Heritage, remembering the people that made the ultimate sacrifice to the United Kingdom, and to understand that their lives mattered.

  9. Good morning – if you are working during the pandemic.

    I am emailing to ask about a possible Royal Scots expedition to Greenland, or perhaps a member of the RS was on the expedition, which sledged across the icecap from west to east. I have a recollection of being told about it by a member at about the time, but cannot remember much more. My memory might be faulty!

    If you have any knowledge about it or an article in the Regimental Journal I would appreciate any details.

    I was in the RHF and climbed in Greenland about that time. I am currently trying to write an article about army exploits in Greenland which is why I am trying to trace any information about this crossing.

    Many thanks if you can help. If you have no details I wondered if you could aske about in any email circuit or other information circulated to former members of the regiment.

    Stay safe and well.

    Crispin Agnew

  10. Dunkirk – The Untold Story of The Royal Scots

    Stand, fight to the last man, and allow the Dunkirk evacuation to happen; the untold story of the 1st Battalion The Royal Scots at Le Paradis 80 years on.

    On the 25 May 1940, the remains of the 1st Battalion The Royal Scots, less than 400 strong, prepared for their last stand at Le Paradis, 30 miles from Dunkirk in North East France. Their orders, to “Stand And Fight To The Last Man”, played a pivotal role in enabling the withdrawal of 337,000 Allied Forces and equipment from the beaches of Dunkirk. However, this valiant three-day rear-guard defence against overwhelming odds led to the Battalion’s destruction.

    You can see the movie The Untold Dunkirk Story: Virtual 80th Anniversary Commemorative Service Here

  11. I am Ex Royal Scots 1958 1961 I will be 80 on the 26 may Major McCance was Company commander CSM was Cockburn They both joined the Battalion in the sye a couple of months apart Gladdy Murray was in my intake Regards Bob Williams

  12. Dear Jimmy

    Thank you so much for helping out with Danny’s birthday. He was absolutely delighted with the surprise. Please see photos attached.

    Kind regards


    Susie Hamilton
    Head of External Relations

    Scottish Veterans Residences
    Registered Charity SC012739
    53 Canongate, Edinburgh, EH8 8BS
    0131 556 0091

  13. Two former Royal Scots will celebrate their 80th birthday on Saturday 23rd May.
    The birthday boy’s are,
    Col M B H (Mike) Ashmore CBE and Mr D (Danny) Dempsey.
    Please feel free to post a greeting to them here on the guest book.

      1. Happy birthday “Mike & Danny” have a marvellous day on your 80th year.
        all the best.
        Dave & Janet

    1. On behalf of the Southern Branch
      Happy Birthday Colonel Mike and Danny-stay safe!
      Alex Moore

    2. Happy birthday to Danny Dempsey and Col Ashmore CBE, have a good day…..
      Up The Royals

      Andy Kyle

    3. Happy birthday to you both have a great day UTR…. From all members of Central Branch

    4. Many Happy Returns and many more. Gentleman have a wonderful day when it comes it’s a honour and a privilege to have serve with you both

    5. As a former Royal,I had the pleasure of serving with these two fine gentlemen. Happy birthday.!
      Steve Kelly
      Ex B Coy and pipes and drums

  14. From: Robert Page
    Sent: 09 May 2020 20:19
    To: Admin
    Subject: RE: To all members of The Regimental Family.

    I want to thank all the individuals involved in the making of the attached film.

    It was great to see the history and recognize the people narrating throughout the movie.

    I served in the Regiment from Dec 1970 thru Nov 1978, discharging out of Oxford Barracks in Muenster.

    Ending up where I started in Charlie company, under Major Chris Brown.

    Throughout my career in the “Royals”, I made a lot of friends who even today I’m still in contact with.

    My Regiment built the foundation stone of my future life and gave me the confidence to aim higher and go further in my life.

    Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, for what you made and gave me through my military career!

    Yours sincerely

    Bob (Polly) Page.

    24153501-Cpl 9pltn-C Company, 1st Btn Royal Scots.

    Houston, TX. US.

  15. May I just take a moment to remind everyone that our office and Regimental Museum as is The Castle will remain closed until further notice if you wish to get in contact with us please use the following.

    During normal office hours 9am – 3pm.

    Regimental Secretary:-
    Admin: –
    IT & Social media:-
    Press Office:-

    The office telephone will automatically redirect you to Jimmy’s mobile

    Out of office hours:- 3 options are available

    Please follow the government advice stay home and most of all stay safe.

    Thank you

  16. From Ollie Dixon

    I am part of the team running the UK’s Covid-19 leading mental health research study, which provides weekly data direct to the UK government and NHS.

    We have +80,000 UK adults in our study, but we need a lot more as the data are being used to understand the effects of the virus and social distancing measures on mental health and loneliness in the UK and to make decisions on government response to Covid-19.

    Like many of us, your members will be grappling with the many challenges that have arisen; we want to ensure that all voices are heard.

    We’re approaching organisations across the UK to ask them if they can send the message below to any suitable newsletters/bulletins/social media/website pages? A number already have, but we want to make sure that the views of people living in all areas and in all circumstances are represented.

    I’ve provided sample text below and am happy to answer any questions you may have. I have also answered some FAQs below.

    University College London is running a study into the psychological and social effects of Covid-19 in the UK.

    The results are being used to understand the effects of the virus and social distancing measures on mental health and loneliness in the UK and to inform government advice and decisions.

    We’re looking for adults in UK who are happy to take part and spread the word about the study. Participation involves answering a 10-minute online survey now and then answering a shorter follow-up survey once a week whilst social isolation measures are in place.

    To take part, visit

    Very many thanks for your support.


    What happens to the data?

    The data people provide are analysed anonymously (so people can’t be identified) and provided into weekly dashboards for cabinet office, wider departments of government (including DHSC and DfE), Public Health England, NHS England, and mental health organisations and charities. The reports are also made publicly available for members of the public to see what is happening, very much promoting ‘open science’ during the pandemic so that people are informed about how the nation is being affected: The data are then being used to inform what advice is given to people, and what support is available, whether that is formal mental health service support or other support such as from telephone lines (such as Samaritans) and voluntary organisations. The data are also being used to inform decisions such as the length of lockdown. These are all decisions that directly affect individuals’ daily lives, so taking part can give individuals a chance to say what challenges they are facing.

    Is the study ethics approved and GDPR compliant?

    This study has full ethical and data protection approved and is GDPR compliant, all hosted through secure servers and data safe havens. It’s funded by the Wellcome Trust and the Nuffield Foundation (two of the largest scientific funders on medicine and society respectively).

  17. Just to remind everyone that we have permission for only the Padre a wreath layer (now Tam Douglas) and one other to attend Rosebank Cemetery on Sat 23rd May to commemorate the Gretna disaster. If you wish to pay your respects then please spend 2 minutes in quiet reflection at 11 am when the wreath will be being laid.

    O Lord Jesus Christ, who art the first and the last, grant, we pray Thee, that, as Thou has promised to be with us even unto the end of the world, so may The Royal Scots be the first to follow Thee and the last to forsake Thee, who art, with the Father and the Holy Ghost, one God, world without end.

  18. Remembrance Service for the victims of Le Paradis Massacre

    We are pleased to inform you that we will be holding an online service of Remembrance on 27th May, starting at 5pm. This will be the 80th anniversary of the massacre of The Royal Norfolk Regiment.

    For more information on The Royal Scots involvement please see

    You are invited to join us – further details below.

    We had hoped to hold a church-based service but this has proved impossible in the current context. However, we felt that we could not let the 80th anniversary pass without formal recognition of and respect for the sacrifice of those involved.

    The online service will be held using ‘Zoom’. To join us, you will need to register within the next few days so that we can make the necessary arrangements with you. To register to join us on the day please reply to this email and include the following detail:

    Your title
    Mobile phone number
    Only one person per online connection is required, although you may choose to invite others to join you on the day.

    And return to

    With very best regards – and please stay safe.

    Rob Edwards

    Chair and Secretary, Le Paradis Memorial Appeal
    Registered charity no 1184870

  19. Quintinshill Train Disaster 22 May 1915

    BBC2 is re-screening the Quintinshill programme (with Neil Oliver) at 21.00 on Wednesday 20 May to mark the 105th anniversary. This documentary was made in 1915 to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the disaster.

    Well worth a watch.

  20. Over the past couple of years I’ve been tracing my family history via
    My whole family has been interested in my findings, not least myself.

    Its made a few family held documents surface with some useful historical facts.

    One particular document in my mum’s possession was what I think is the boarding document for one of the troop ships heading back home from Burma that my grandfather was aboard.
    The embarkation authority is labelled Rangoon.

    On the document are 2 other servicemen, one of which was of the 1st Royal Scots, named Sgt H Wood. 3060755

    Sadly my grandfather past away 20 years ago but would be great if any visitors had any information on Sgt H Wood who was possibly living in Goole West Yorkshire prior to the War.

  21. To all members of The Regimental Family.

    The Executive Committee met 5th May using MS Teams to conduct business. This had been proceeded by a finance committee meeting. The Regimental Trust Meeting Scheduled for 29 may will also be conducted by this means.

    George Simpson’s 100th birthday was a great success and attracted national media coverage and most of you will have watched it on BBC or STV. You can read George’s amazing story on the website under “latest news”. I sent a card to George on behalf of The Regimental Family. We will post a copy of the card on the website.

    The Chairman of the Regimental Trustees wrote to the Princess Royal’s Office earlier this week and his letter which is shown below acts as a suitable update for all of us.

    Today of course we celebrate VE Day, not in the manner we hoped but still with great pride in our nation and we remember the sacrifice made by so many who gave their all for us. The detail of the day’s events can be found on the guest book.

    Gretna Memorial. Normally we would be parading on Saturday 23rd May at Rosebank Cemetery for a memorial service in honour of all those who died in the train crash at Quintishill on 22nd May 1915 when 214 members of the 7th Bn lost their lives. Because of the Covid19 restrictions this is obviously cancelled. However, we have received permission to allow our Association Padre The Rev Iain May to accompany Andy Kay as he lays a wreath on behalf of the Regimental Family.

    Benevolence. On behalf of the Regimental Trustees I would like to thank all of you who have recently made donations to Royal Scots Benevolence either by a standing order or a one-off donation. Very many thanks.

    The Chairman’s letter to Commander Sullivan, Assistant Private Secretary to HRH The Princess Royal.

    Dear Commander Sullivan,
    In these trying times I thought that it might be helpful if we provided a short update for HRH The Princess Royal, Patron of The Royal Scots Association. We can confirm that The Royal Scots Regimental Family continue to go about our business, albeit with most of this conducted in the ether. As you would expect, we have adapted and are getting on with it in the new normal.

    The Regimental Office Staff are working from home and continue business online. The Executive and Regimental Trustees have held their meetings as planned, using MS Teams as their principal means of communicating.

    The Museum and The Royal Scots Club are closed, but essential maintenance and checks are being conducted. Attendance at the Gretna commemoration at Rosebank Cemetery this year will consist of The Association Padre and a wreath layer conforming to the rules of social distancing.

    Unfortunately, we will not be sending a large contingent to Le Paradis this year, as planned, to mark the 80th anniversary of The 1st Battalion’s action there to help defend Dunkirk. This will be carried forward to 2021.
    With the cancellation of VE Day celebrations on Friday 8 May. The Royal Scots have been encouraged to observe 2 minutes silence at 11 am wherever they are.

    Tomorrow, a former Royal Scot POW, George Simpson will celebrate his 100th birthday. A piper will play outside his house and a small number of Association Members suitably spaced will salute him. This will be covered by BFBS and we hope the BBC.

    A small team under Colonel Martin Gibson have produced an hour-long film recording the memories of former Royal Scots during the period 1945 – 2006 which was launched last Thursday. HRH and her role are mentioned in the film:

    Jimmy Springthorpe
    Regimental Administrator

  22. I was saddened to learn of Kenny Leeder’s passing. My thoughts are with his mother Liz and his brother and sister. RIP

  23. Sadly I’v been asked to post the Death of Kenneth Leader (Kenny) who passed away this morning with a suspect Heart Attack in Spain.

    Kenny was a Drummer in the Royal Scots Regimental Pipes and Drums.

    Kenny’s Funeral will take place in Spain where he will be cremated..

    1. so sorry to hear about the passing of Kenny Leader, I worked with Kenny as a Regimental Policeman at Fort George for a few years, Kenny was always keen to try out parachuting hence him becoming a great member of The Golden Lions Freefall Team, also an excellent drummer. Rest In Peace Mate.

  24. Saddened by the news on social media off The Passing of KENNETH KENNY LEADER.
    Thoughts with The Family and friends at this sad time.
    Deepest Sympathy
    Stu Colquhoun

  25. “Victory in Europe Day 75” (VEDay75).

    Friday, the 8th May 2020 is the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Europe and will be commemorated as VE Day 75. At 0800 hrs that morning Government buildings and military barracks will raise the Union Flag at the start of the day.
    0800 hrs Flag Raising of Union Flags. #VEDay75
    1040 hrs Legion Scotland Online Remembrance Service with 2 minutes’ silence at 1100 hrs. Livestream on the Legion Scotland and Poppyscotland Facebook pages.
    1100 hrs – 2 minutes’ silence.
    1200 hrs – Legion Scotland Online Concert.
    1500 hrs – BBC hour long VE75 broadcast.
    2000 to 2115 hrs BBC programme concluding with sing-along – “We’ll Meet Again”, popular song in World War 2, which HM The Queen alluded to in Her rallying message to the Nation on Coronavirus on 5 Apr 20.

    Pipers are invited to play “Battle’s O’er”. Cadet Corporal Rowan Laws, of Dunoon Detachment A and SH Bn ACF, is among those asked to play “Battle’s O’er”. Not only is this a good Argyll tune, composed by Pipe Major William Robb A and SH, the associated words of the song by Andy Stewart are apt for the commemoration.
    Andy Stewart’s recording is on youtube:
    “March no more my soldier laddie, there is peace where there once was war.
    Sleep in peace my soldier laddie, sleep in peace now the battle’s o’er”.

    PM William Robb lived in Stirling and won the piping Gold Medal and Marches at Oban in 1893. He was a son of the regiment.
    For your further information, there will be a short service at Glasgow Central Station at 1100 on Fri 8 May, organised by the Parachute Regimental Association in support of Scotrail. All appropriate precautions and social distancing will be observed.

    Coronavirus. Victory in Europe was achieved at tremendous cost. We witness great sacrifice by the NHS today, and we continue to show our appreciation each Thursday at 8 pm. The battle against Coronavirus is not over, but the end is in sight.

  26. I was due to post an update today on Regimental matters, however this will now be posted on Thursday 7th May.

  27. Sir, I remember you well. You were my platoon commander, Along with LtGibb, Caen Squad 1962 at Berwick. I was batman to Major McCanse. Also served with you in Aden and other postings.
    I trust you are well.
    Best regards
    Bob Glasgow, private, 23909018

  28. Princess Anne: The Daughter Who Should Be Queen

    One-off documentary exploring the life of the Queen’s only daughter, exploring her skill as a horse rider – representing Britain in the 1976 Olympics – and the incident in 1974, when she survived an dramatic attempt her and hold her to ransom

    Channel 5 tonight at 9:15 – 10:45

    1. Heard today Paddy Scanlan passed away don’t know any more details

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