1. The Funeral of William Reynolds who served in 1RS 1977-89 will take place at West Lothian Crematorium at 3 pm on Thursday 18th October.

  2. I am trying to locate the RSM’s broach which was a replica of the broach that was presented to the princess royal by the sgts mess. however it went missing in 1993. anyone have any information .

      1. Guessing it would be worn by the wife of RSM 1 SCOTS?

  3. Hi
    I was Attached to the Royal Regiment for Op Granby I’m just trying to catch up with the cracking lads from MT Platoon

  4. Hi tom Logan , I had a disaster whilst moving home a while back mate . I lost my photo Album with all my photos off my time in the Battalion . Would you happen to have any photos with me in them , kinda sad not being able to look back at them . Be much appreciated Tom , let me no , thanks . Clive Wallace , I’m at the Scottish Vetrans houses at longniddry mate . 07718052306

  5. Nope no glasses until I was nearly in my 40’s I was in 3 Platoon can’t remember who was the Platoon Commander then Smasher Murray was our Pl Sgt

    1. Hi Dave then I just cant see the face to the name but you should remember Richard Cuthbertson [ cubby ]

      him and I joined up together and shared the same room we were always together drunk or sober.

      Good old three platoon. James.

      1. Aye James know “Cubby” from those days and later within the battalion most my partners in crime in those days were Tam Kane, George Brownlee,Tom Turner,Rab Fraser,Tony Coyle to name a few.

  6. No bother James I was A Coy in 1971 then transferred to ATK-SP Coy in later military life hope all is well with you.
    Dave & Janet

    1. Sorry Dave I was in A coy in 1970-72 before going to support comp as an assault pioneer.
      The Dave Dickson was my platoon commander was that you there was one more Dickson I think who used to wear glasses was that you.
      Thanks James.

  7. Remembrance Events 2018

    Please see the News feed for the full list of events.

    Remembrance Week 2018 is going to be busy and will concentrate on commemorating the end of World War One 100 years ago. This gives us our opportunity to pay our respects and Remember the events and loss of life in numerous conflicts. Many will be attending Services in their local town/area and it is hoped that the Regiment can be as widely represented as possible in our Regimental Area. There are a number of events that the Regimental Family will be involved in, some of these are organised externally and others are purely Royal Scots events; see below for details of RS events.

    Co-ordination: The Regimental lead on all Remembrance issues is the Regimental Administrator, Captain Jimmy Springthorpe who can be contacted during office hours on 0131 557 0405 or email,uk.

    Wreaths: Representatives/Branches laying wreaths on behalf of the Regiment are responsible for ordering their wreaths from the Regimental Office and arranging collection from the Office prior to the event. Please don’t leave until the last minute. Wreaths for the events at the Garden of Remembrance and Edinburgh City Chambers have been pre-ordered and will be delivered to those locations.

    Dress: while in no way mandatory, it is hoped that those attending will wear, if in possession, Blazer, Trews/Flannels, RS Tie, Glengarry with RS Cap Badge, Medals and of course, a Poppy.

    Please continue to watch the Regimental Website for information regarding Remembrance Events :

    J Springthorpe
    Regimental Administrator

  8. Hello,

    I am trying to make contact with the late Steve Telfer’s wife. I attended the Canadian Command and Staff College with Steve in1993/4.

    Could you assist with the provision of contact details please?



    1. Richard

      Please contact the Regimental Administrator on 0131 557 0405 if dialing from the UK or +44131 557 0405 outwith the UK


  9. I have some WW1 medals and regimental photos which I would like to donate to Royal Scots Museum, Can you provide me with an email contact.

  10. Hi I wonder if you can help? My dad passed 12 years ago and his brother passed on Saturday, I am trying to find out about their service with the regiment. My dad was Roy Charles parry and his brother was Derek Parry , I know they served in the mid to late 50’s dad served in Aden and Egypt

  11. Former Service Personnel Briefing.
    Army HQ Scotland will be delivering a Former Service Personnel Brief at 1545 hrs on 30 Nov 18, location Edinburgh, for further details and to register contact… The Regimental Office with the following details:
    Late Rank:
    First Name:
    Post Nominals:
    Make and Model of vehicle:
    The briefing will cover a number of topics of interest to former service personnel.

  12. To James Valentine & Family
    Sorry to here of your sad loss, our heartfelt condolences to you and your family at such a time,as you said our wives are our stalwarts through good times and bad, our rocks, our guiding lights.
    Condolences from
    Dave & Janet

    1. Thank you for your support at this time David & Janet I was probably not that well known as a assault pioneer
      but thought I would have received a bit more support than I have done from the regiment I served in.

      Thanks Again James Valentine.

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