Saturday 24th March

    Royal Scots Club

    Time 1900hrs

    Tickets £30

    Three course meal with wine.

    Spaces are still available , if you would like to attend please call the Regimental Office or Mr T Douglas.

    Deadline Wednesday 21st Mar.

  2. I attended the Memorial Service yesterday in Palace Barracks to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the death of Lawrence Dickson.
    LCpl Lawrence Dickson was killed in S Armagh while serving with 1RS on 17 March 1993. Padre Alan Knox conducted the service in the memorial garden where approx 60 people gathered. Most were members of The Royal Scots NI branch of the association with a few personnel from 1 Scots whose WO,s & Sgts mess kindly provided refreshments. A wreath was laid on behalf of The Royal Scots by Maxi McDonald and George Dickson laid a wreath on behalf of the Dickson family.


    1. I along with Paul Young had the honour to represent our colleagues from Crossmaglen Royal Ulster Constabulary station with our many friends from the Royal Scots Regiment at this commemorative service. Time will never fade the respect and gratitude we continue hold for our colleagues, past and present, from the Royal Scots Regiment.

      “We will remember them”

      David Meeke MBE

  3. F A O Jimmy Carlisle.
    Well Jimmy I am not likely to bump into you any time soon with you being so far away but you will

    always be there in my thoughts through our time in training and in the regiment at Tidworth keep safe and

    keep well and watch out for the red Indians and cowboys.

    Your friend always James. P S My email address can be obtained from H.Q if you want it.

    1. James, good to hear from you. I will ask HQ to send me your email address.
      I’ll be in touch.
      Your a good friend


  4. I just came across this site. I’m looking for a real Royal Scots piper for a friends wedding (April) down in Cambridgeshire, England. Aw right..he’s a Glaswegian, but he’s a Scotsman and a good friend o’ mine. My father was SGT George Thomson (1960s-1970s) and my brother George Thomson, both Royal Scots, and nae doubt people reading this will know me Eddie (Royal Signals because dad insisted !) might know me – god knows, we’ve met enough times in and out of the army over the years. Anyway i’ll gee George a ring and see if he knows anyboody willing to travel this far south ‘fer a bevy’, but the ‘rest of ye’, always take care and ‘aw the best’.

    Eddie Thomson, Sgt Royal Signals.

    1. Hi Eddie if you cannot get a Royal Scot piper give me a shout as I’m in contact with a pipe band from Colchester as I’ve booked a piper for my daughter’s wedding next year. Regard Jim Menzies (Munro)

      1. Hi Jim,

        Thanks for replying. George gave me a call to tell me and it sounds good to me. The wedding is on 22 April in St.Neots, Cambridgeshire.

        Having a piper would be just great and yer man is invited to the reception and accommodation will be provided.

        So if you could put me in touch with somebody, that would be dandy.

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  6. I’ve been asked to pass this on from Daniel Benson.
    I have just heard that Simon Smith who was a Pay Master with the Royal Scots in Werl is in Crosshouse Hospital Kilmarnock he took a Heart Attack on Monday.

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