After the disruption of Covid, the Regimental Band resumed the gatherings originally organised by Danny Mc Meechan by meeting for lunch in The Royal Scots Club last Saturday. Twenty five members, including some of our ladies, attended in the Douglas Room which is probably the most elegant dining room in Edinburgh.

The Douglas Room has recently been enhanced by 1st Battalion silver returned from Palace Barracks and is now displayed in bespoke cabinets installed by the Club. It is intended that 1st Battalion pictures no longer in use at Palace Barracks should likewise be installed in the Douglas Room.

The table was set in elegant fashion with crested crockery and Club silver previously belonging to the Territorial battalions disbanded after the Second World War. The fare was excellent and the service most attentive. Old Royal Malcom Ross took photographs for distribution to members and for publication in the next edition of the Thistle, when published on-line at

It had already been decided to meet for lunch rather for dinner in order to facilitate travel and this met with general approval. A key question was answered in the affirmative. Should we meet again? Yes! A question in the “answers on a postcard please” category was at what intervals? Annually or every two years, bearing in mind Danny’s original thoughts that two years might be about right? So, answers on a postcard please to me at

So, until we meet again, don’t forget to use our very own War Memorial Club and to visit our Museum. For Museum visits, contact giving as much notice as you can. Free access to the Castle will be arranged for all Old Royals and their families. Remember also our temporary museum exhibition at Dalkeith Palace 4 – 8 November. Finally, keep checking the Guestbook, the Forecast of Events and the Upcoming Events pages in the website.