1. I was An Argyll who when my Bn were reduced to Coy strengh in 71 I joined 1RS in Tidworth..Mor Pl in SP Coy…The busiest 16 months ever with 2 tours,2 Norway trips and a Nato ex in Greece..Had a great time. I mind in Ligoniel we got visited by our future CO Col Palmer and WO1 Jake Kennedy to inform us that the Argylls were reforming in Feb 72 and that we would be comin back…Brill..However, as soon as they left..Us guys in SP Coy were told..Yer goin nowhere until you do Norway again !! Reult..Ah loved Norway !! Eventually got back to the Argylls in Kirknewton at the end of April72,,in time for the South Armagh tour !

  2. As a soldier’s daughter, grand-daughter, mother, sister this time of year brings back memories of their stories. I feel very blessed to be related to these heros.

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