Le Paradis Virtual Commemoration 2021

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Dear All

Padre Phil Hiscock’s short Commemoration service with photos from previous years at Paradis in now online at https://youtu.be/6icbC0MVGxE

We are endeavouring to get Royal Scots Badged Poppy Wreaths to Lestrem in time for next Saturday’s limited Commemoration as Stéphane Gomanne has kindly offered to place them for us in our absence. This year the Ceremony will start at 1200 hrs (French Time) at the Memorial in front of Paradis Church and continue to the CWGC Cemetery behind the Church. The Commemoration will be live streamed on the Commune Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Lestrem62136

Yours aye

Iain Laird


  1. Thank you, Iain, for continuing this wonderful legacy- of the Royal Scots honouring the fallen of the battle of Le Paradis.

    The work done by you, and your predecessors and colleagues, is an important thread to ensure that the loss of these men is not forgotten, nor the circumstances by which they and their comrades were taken.

    Peter Traynor
    (John Traynor RS 1938-1946, #3056010, incl. wounded at Le Paradis 27 May 1940).

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