1. My father, George Stocks, was in the 7/9 Royal Scots from 1927 until 1954. He was a Sgt/Pipe Major. I have his military records which do not contain details of where he served. I know he served in Germany and was at Dunkirk. A family story is that he was the leading pipe major at the march through Berlin in 1945. Is there any further information available?

  2. Dear cathy. I’m trying to find out about my dad’s involvement with the regiment. My dad has passed, and we know nothing about his time in the army as he never spoke about it. He was in ww2, and my sister mentioned he should have received a commadation of sorts, unfortunately she is in the later stages of dementia, and we don’t know anymore. My dad’s name is James robertson kenneth, from dundee scotland, if you can help in anyway, could you email me at ronniepk53@Hotmail. com

  3. I read an article in the Peeblesshire News where you were appealing for ‘old soldiers’.
    My Dad is 93 and active.
    I’n not sure if he was involved in action but was trained as a soldier and was part of the band. He remembers seeing ‘people in striped pyjamas who looked like skeletons’ as he described them but had no knowledge at that point of what it meant. It left its mark but I think he was a teenager at that point. I’d have to do some checking.

    1. Author

      Good Afternoon Elizabeth

      Thank you for contacting us. We would be very interested in any information that your Father can provide. We are trying to capture as much information as we can regarding the men who served in The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment) during WW2.

      Do you have your Fathers Service Number?, it may be that we have some information on him within our records. Anything that you have relating to his Service would be very much appreciated.

      Kind Regards

      Cathy Tucker

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