MOD Main Building

Meets once a year at AGM

Contact: Tam Millar


Christopher Delacombe        Chairman
Tam Millar                               Vice Chairman
Brian de la Haye                     Membership Secretary

Committee Members

Chairman                    Christopher Delacombe  

Vice Chairman            Tam Millar  

Treasurer                      Iain Laird  

Membership Sec         Brian de la Haye  

Peter Kilgallon  

Benny McArdle

Alex Moore  

President                     Robbie Scott Bowden  

Vice President             Edward Cowan    

Forecast of Events

The Southern Branch AGM will be held on Wed 8th March 17 in MOD Main Building at 11.00 for 11.30.

Friday 7 April Visit to grave of John Neil, Wareham, Dorset
Contact: Tam Millar

Tuesday 18 July Visit to Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes of Enigma and Colossus fame
Contact: Christopher Delacombe

Wednesday 20 September Church service and march in memory of Henry Reynolds VC, Wilton, Northants
Contact: Edward Cowan

November Remembrance Weekend London
Thursday 9th Opening of Field of Remembrance, Westminster Abbey
Contact: Iain Laird

Saturday 11th Regimental cross Planting – Field of Remembrance and Act of remembrance for the fallen since 1945, Abbey Cloisters
Contact: Christopher Delacombe

Sunday 12th Cenotaph ceremony and march past, Whitehall, London
Association lunch, East India Club, St James’s Square, London
Contact: Christopher Delacombe

Note: Those wishing to march must notify Christopher Delacombe before the closure date (to be notified – 9 Sept in 2017). Anyone failing to do so will not be cleared to march.