A Book “The Soldiers Remember”

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Jock Wilson Smith writes : Last week I attended a new book launch, organised by The Dunse History Society, titled “The Soldiers Remember”. This is the history of a large house, Southfield, used as an Auxiliary Military Hospital in Duns for soldiers recovering from wounds in World War 1.

Dunse History Society acquired, in June 2017, two large boxes of records from this time, which make the subject of this book.
Nurse Speedy was a volunteer nurse at Southfield and kept many records. One was a book which patients were encouraged to write down their experiences , poems, pictures, cartoons, letters and much else. Many were from soldiers from Scottish Regiments, For example
Pte Fairly 1/7 Royal Scots writes” Owing to a difference between the Colonel and me regarding attendance on a parade, I had to travel on the second train from Larbert with the “Guard” .

Nearly all my friends in A Company on the first train were killed in the ghastly train accident.”
Or Pte Ronald 2 RS wrote a good poem, one verse read;

When you sleep at home in comfort
safe from all the shot and shell
let your waking thoughts refer to
the lads that have fought and fell.

This book makes interesting reading. particularly in this year of remembrance of World War 1.
Anyone wishing to get a copy should write to;

Ronald Morrison
Secretary The Duns History Society
Todlaw Road
Duns. TD11 3EW

with your name and address enclose a cheque payable to Duns History Society
for £12.50 (includes £2.50 for UK postage.
Or you can contact him at dunsehistory@aol.co.uk

Best wishes Jock WS

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