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WW1: Edin 10 Aug

While 4 August sees a national WW1 event in Glasgow (see Link below), the Scottish Government's official WW1 Commemorative Programme launches on Sunday 10 August 2014 with a Drumhead Service at the Esplanade of Edinburgh Castle, followed by a 'March as to War' down the Royal Mile to Holyrood Park.


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Quintinshill Call

Next year, 22 May 2015, marks the centenary of the Quintinshill (Gretna) train crash. 

In what remains Britain's worst rail disaster, 216 members of the 7th (Leith) Battalion The Royal Scots died and 205 were injured en route to Liverpool to board a troopship for the…


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WW1 Event 4 Aug

Registration is now open for spectators wishing to attend the WW1 Commemoration, Glasgow 4 August 2014 (see link / telephone number below).

To those who wish to march, Col Martion Gibson, Chairman of The Royal Scots Trust, says:

"The Association and all the Regimental family who served have the opportunity…


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Armed Forces Day

National Armed Forces Day took place in Stirling, Saturday 28 June 2014.

Reports about the number of Royal Scots who marched varied - some estimated 40, others as many as 80.

Either way, it was great to see them and other Old Royals renewing contact in the Veterans Village (and/or…


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Edinburgh Parade

Around 40 Old Royals took part in Edinburgh's Armed Forces Day parade past City Chambers in Edinburgh's Royal Mile, 22 June 2014, looking smart and winning a ripple of applause from an appreciative crowd on what was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning.

For photos, see


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