80th Anniversary Le Paradis 2020

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From Iain Laird

Eighty years ago today, on the 25th May 1940, on receiving the information that 2 Royal Norfolks were receiving the full weight of an Enemy Divisional attack on the La Bassée Canal 1 Royal Scots were moved forward from their position as Brigade Reserve at Calonne-sur-la-Lys to new positions in support.  Initial contact was made and heavy fighting began in the early hours of the 26th with the last stand at Battalion Headquarters in Le Paradis taking place on the 27th May.  As anticipated in the Warning Order, the RS373 Team is hosting an online Commemoration on the Zoom platform at 1800 hrs tomorrow evening.  Spaces are limited to 100, so a positive response is need to be added to the invitation list to which a link will be sent tomorrow by the Film Maker, Paul Diffley, who will record the event which will be posted shortly afterwards on our social media outlets.  If you have received a message from me you are a registered attendee.  The active participants are also informed. Dress, please, is Glengarry, blazer/jacket, Regimental Tie and Medals and for ladies Regimental Brooches, if possible. 

On Saturday, as customary, and because of the invisible enemy, very much scaled down from the usual event, in two phases, the Maire of Lestrem, Jacques Hurlus and 1er Adjoint, Philippe Brouteele together with Colonel Andy McDowall, late RS, representing all British Forces, in two phases, laid wreaths at Le Creton/Dufour Farm and then at Paradis Church and at the Commonwealth War Graves to the rear of the Church.  The events were live streamed, and the video recordings and photos are available on the Ville de Lestrem Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Lestrem62136/

The Royal Norfolk Family, Supporters of the Le Paradis Memorial Appeal https://www.memorial4leparadisheroes.uk/ and the Le Paradis Commemoration Group are holding an online Service of Remembrance on Wednesday 27th May at 1700 hrs also on the Zoom platform. For more details email memorial4leparadisheroes@gmail.com .

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